Maria Lucia Hohan – Designer Clothing

Maria Lucia Hohan is one of the most beautiful faces of Indian fashion. Her beauty has won accolades in both the traditional and modern Indian fashion industry. She has been a very popular face of Indian fashion ever since her entry in the industry in the late seventies. She has been a part of many hit television programs and movies including ‘Life of Pi’, ‘Dhoom Reloaded’ and many more.

The flamboyance which makes her an attractive and appealing personality is the main feature of Moda Operandi. Hohan’s attractive facial features and intricate embellishments help in creating her distinct looks. The designs incorporated in her outfits are extremely different and have led to appreciation for her clothes. Her looks have earned her a lot of appreciation not only from fashion lovers but also from the common people. Moda Operandi is the brand that has helped Hohan in achieving all these.

Hohan’s appeal can be understood through the extensive collection of dresses she has designed. She has introduced many cuts and designs into the market. These dresses give a trendy look to the wearer. The dresses are highly stylish and are available at an affordable price. They have thus become very popular with the common people as well as the elite.

Many of Hohan’s dresses incorporate some innovative patterns, unusual embellishments and smart designing to make them look amazing. The embroidery work, colored stones work, zari and resham embroidery are some of the popular designs which are found in her collection. There are also designs that include striking earrings, gold necklace sets and elegant bangle bracelets. Other than this, many designs include heavy embellishments and heavy embellishment to give the look of depth.

Some of the common styles which are common among Hohan’s outfits include the modern day classic cuts which include the bubble neck and the empire waist cut. The outfits also include the off shoulder style and the sweetheart style. These designs on the other hand include elaborate and heavy embellishments. Other designs include the off-shoulder look, floral prints, off-centre tank tops and empire waist style.

Some of Hohan’s outfits are complete with various accessories and these include various jewelries and headpieces. The jewelries include gold and silver pieces. The jewelries include Navel Necklace, Pendant and chain necklace, Rings, Earrings, necklaces, bangles, chains and bracelets. Some of her outfits are complete with various masks which include the bunny mask and the Indian skull mask. Different types of body and face paints are also part of her accessories and are available in various designs and colors.

Some of the outfits include the Off-shoulder outfits and the Capri outfits. The leggings and satin skirts are also part of the varied styles. The western and gangster styles are the latest trends. Hohan’s outfits are available for men as well as women and there is a huge collection to choose from.

Hohan is also known for her role of Remy, in the movie the Twilight saga. She is popular as the sexy and beautiful witch character. There are various designs of Hohan’s costumes available over the internet and they include the Sexy Wicca outfit, Diva Sarees and the Gothic Wiccans. All the costumes designed by Hohan are designed according to her own personal style and this has given her the reputation of being the leading fashion designer today.

The Diva Sarees by Hohan is among the best collections of the outfit that she designs. These are available in different colors and patterns and include the kurta pajamas, floral scarf, halter top and many others. The Gothic style of the Off-shoulder outfits are perfect for Halloween parties and these include the Gothic vest, Gothic top and the Gothic mini skirt. The Capri outfits are perfect for casual wear and these include the spaghetti straps and the corset.

The latest trends and designs of the Indian style dresses include the Kundan and the Bridal attires. The Kundan is a loose fitting blouse and a saree. It includes embroidery on it and the area has beautiful embellishments on it. The Bridal attires include the Aptam, Jogeshwar and the Sarunga.

All the outfits have the touch of Indian style and the exotic look. They are stylish, elegant and the perfect wear for any season. These are the perfect choice to wear on all occasions be it a party or a social gathering or even an official function. The designers are at work and creating new designs all the time and creating different styles and patterns to suit the diverse personality of the consumers. The designs are inspired by the Indian culture and this is what gives it the distinct edge over other styles of attires.

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