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Marilyn Monroe is one of the most famous and influential women in the history of Hollywood. She is known for her look, her smile, and the way she made men like and desire her. This is why it’s interesting to see all of the sites that list and chronicle her career, both in and out of Hollywood. These Marilyn Monroe – Top 10 Celebrity Grave Sites – Time Periods lists some of the places where Marilyn Monroe is buried.

The first place we’ll look at for Marilyn Monroe – Top 10 Celebrity Grave Sites is the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles. Marilyn Monroe was born in 1905 and was one of four children of Jacob Monroe, a famous Hollywood photographer. The family was well known in Hollywood as they were married six times and the third wife was actress Olive Olin. Today the location of the Hollywood Forever Cemetery has changed a few times, but it can still be considered one of the most famous of the Marilyn Monroe – Top 10 Celebrity Grave Sites.

The second site on the list is the Peachtree Settlement in Crestview, Georgia. Marilyn Monroe was interred here in February 1963 following the death of her longtime boyfriend, Liberace. The plaque that you see on the statue of Marilyn Monroe reading, “In Loving Memory”, was designed by the same firm that created the original plaque. It has been repeatedly displayed in various locations around the world. Many people will visit this Marilyn Monroe site and take in the plaque.

The third Marilyn Monroe – Top 10 Celebrity Grave Site we are going to look at is the Marilyn Monroe grave located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The bronze plaque is in honor of Marilyn Monroe who was born in Fort Lauderdale in thence and had many of her films filmed here. Marilyn Monroe trivia should include the fact that she was the very first woman to have the title, ” Marilyn Monroe “. This Marilyn Monroe website provides a lot of information about her and even includes a biography that tells how she became famous and what some of the roles she performed during her illustrious career.

The fourth Marilyn Monroe site on our list is the St. Jude Children’s Memorial. This is a wonderful site that honors the memory of all those children that died as a result of pneumonia. Marilyn Monroe trivia includes the fact that she was not really that concerned with saving her own life when she was filming her first movie, “Marilyn Monroe”, but rather using the stuntman that was assisting her in certain scenes to save his own life. She supposedly never felt satisfied with the final result and was not happy with the death of the stuntman.

The fifth Marilyn Monroe site on our list is the actress’ personal website. This website was created just over two years after her death and contains a great deal of photographs, biographies, and links to other Marilyn Monroe information and sites. Many people are aware that Marilyn Monroe died in a car crash that took her own life on August 6, 1959. However, there are still many who disagree with the official report and believe that Marilyn’s death was a suicide. If you have any doubt as to whether or not Marilyn knew what she was doing, there is certainly plenty of information available on this site to help you decide.

The sixth Marilyn Monroe – Top 10 Celebrity Grave Sites site is the official website of the Marilyn Monroe Fan Club. This website features an area where members can post articles, photos, and even stories about their favorite actress. Additional links are available on the home page, which leads to a complete list of articles posted by the club, as well as information about upcoming events. If you love Marilyn Monroe and you are looking for some additional information, this is definitely the place for you to go.

There is several other Marilyn Monroe – Top 10 Celebrity Grave Sites on the internet. Many are very similar to the first three websites, but some are even better than the others. For example, there is a Marilyn Monroe quiz site that is dedicated exclusively to her. There are also a Marilyn Monroe video site, a Marilyn Monroe video download site, and several other sites that feature Marilyn Monroe’s movies, books, and other media. Which one you choose is entirely your choice, but I highly recommend that you look into all of the different Marilyn Monroe sites and articles that are available online so that you can get the most out of your search.

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