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These Ten Celebs Have the Streetwear Game on Lock

Let’s face it, there are only a select few fashion designers who get it right when it comes to the ladies. Some of the best designers in the business are women, but they choose not to wear their talent into the world of fashion because they do not want to take a chance on the popularity that would come with it. They feel more comfortable being behind the lens of a camera than standing beside a fashion runway and having to run around putting their fashion ideas into practice. Well, there is an alternative to those celebrity cats and that is why I have put together this list of the Ten Celebrities Who Have the Streetwear Game on Lock.

One of the first celebrity females to come to mind when you think about the Streetwear Game is Jennifer Lopez. Back in the day, Jennifer Lopez was the longest string bikini wearer ever, and if you are anything like me you are dying to play dress-up in your Jennifer Lopez inspired ensemble. Of course, before you get out there in a four piece suit and high heels, you are going to need some head gear; and Jennifer Lopez’s long hair just makes the perfect accessory for any style you can imagine.

While Jennifer Lopez is still making waves in the music industry, there is no doubt that she has achieved success just by sticking to the basics. You would not expect her to be walking around in a tutu, nor would you expect her to be donning a fur coat, but the reality is that Jennifer Lopez knows how to present herself and that is part of what makes her so great. She is classy, and the short hairdo perfectly accentuates the natural beauty that is layered under it. It is rare to find a female celebrity who has a great facial structure, but Jennifer Lopez certainly has that ability. If you are looking for the latest hair style that will really make an impact, then you should definitely check out her recent hair care video for Topless Robot.

No matter what type of style you choose, there is one thing for sure about the members of The Game of Style: they know what they like. Their hair, their clothing and their overall appearance say it all. They carry themselves with poise and grace like they have been doing it their entire lives. While many may scoff at this notion, it cannot be denied that the members of The Game of Style understand what it takes to be successful in the industry.

Let us take a look at some of the members of the crew of The Game of Style. First up is Beyonce Knowles, who of course plays the lead role in the movie. Her hair is sleek and thin and it looks good on her. It complements her beautiful face and nose stud. We all know that long hair is easy to manage but it takes some time and effort to keep it looking like it’s made from scratch all the time. With Beyonce, you never have to worry about keeping the hair looking great.

Next is Sir Michael Caine, he of course stars as the bad boy in the movie who runs the brothel. His style is probably not as extreme as that of Beyonce but it is still pretty extreme and definitely not the safe choice for someone who is looking for that edgy yet stylish look. For a long time, Sir Michael was known for having black rhinestone studs in his ears which are also known to be pretty rare. A lot of women want a set like this but they are not aware that it is actually illegal to wear them in the city.

Another member of The Game of Style is Chris Brown, he has been in the news quite a bit because of some controversial things he has done. He is a class act in every way and he knows how to carry himself. He has a super cool and fresh look, but he also wears a short haircut, which is also very unique. There are ten members of The Game of Style that have all gone for the short cut, which is definitely a signature of their style.

Finally, there is Lady GaGa with her amazing hair which is always in style. She has been getting a lot of attention lately and a lot of people have been trying to get an autograph or to even emulate her looks. One thing that must be said about Lady GaGa is her great sense of style, she is a true fashion goddess. You will love her style, it is so unique and it looks as good in photographs as it does in person. Her hair is always in style and her appearance is never goes out of style. These ladies have definitely made a name for themselves in the fashion world and these are just a few of the styles that they have come up with over the years.

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