Movie Review: Twin Tastic

Twintastic These Celebrity Pairs Will Shock You

Twin-tastic: These Celebrity Pairs Will Shock You! By Ali Baba and Shelli Segal. (Charmed, released Dec 2021) Both women share the role of “Tinkerbell” in this film. In the book the character was called Ariel. This film is different because “Tinkerbell” is not really a fairy and the role is taken by the beautiful Angelica Jolie. Here, she is called “Tink.”

Angelica is attractive as always. But with the movie treatment we saw, I think Angelica was a little bored with her character. Not that it matters because she is the star. And in the book, the character is called Tink and she was described as an enchanted fairy who was a human girl named Ariel.

From what I read on the internet, this is the second installment of the film franchise. The earlier films were successful because they introduced new characters and told a great story. This one, however, doesn’t do either of those things. It feels like a rushed movie to me. I feel like the writer didn’t have enough time to work on the script. I also think that they made the mistake of trying to make the character of Tink into a sexy looking young woman, so all the hair and clothes are in neutral colors.

Also, she has these terrible boobs. It looks like they are encased in a black and tan colored leotard with a bit of pink lipstick. I’m pretty sure that if the movie stars Angelina Jolie and Keira Knightley, they would look better in some skimpy tops and shorts than Angelina and her huge boobs.

Also, I think that they should have used a wig for Angelina’s character. They have the same hair cut and the same eyes. It’s just that her eyes are much more attractive when they are red and sparkly instead of this grayish brown. And it looks even worse when the wig is on her face instead of on her back.

The bad guy in this film also has some weird facial features. His nose is really wide and his lips are really pale. There is really not much to this character and I don’t think that he needs to be drawn like that. He should have a nice straight jaw and also, his dress is really very basic.

The fight scenes are also boring to watch. They’re very repetitive but also slow. Sometimes they don’t even look like they’re happening. It looks like they’re just standing there doing the same motion over again.

All in all, Twin Tastic is a great movie but it fails at making many girls go “wow”. Other than that, it’s a decent movie. I recommend it to guys who like action and boobs. For girls, it’s okay. If you want a movie about twins who have problems, then watch Twin Tastic.

Movie Review: Twin Tastic (Movie Review) Summary: Two high school cheerleaders, Annette Benning and Karen Gaffney, find themselves in a life threatening car crash. When their friend crashes, the girls decide that they will give their high school coach a ride home instead of getting into the car with him. Their plans are ruined when their mutual friend crashes their own car and they are thrown through a window. Now they must race against time to fix their cars and get back to school. I don’t know if it’s a happy ending, but it’s worth a watch.

Movie Review: Twin Tastic (Movie Review) Summary: A teenager girl, Annette Benning, finds herself in a life threatening car accident. The accident leaves her paralyzed from the neck down. She needs to learn how to push herself to do everyday things. Her best friend, Karen Gaffney, finds out she has the ability to do those things for her and invites her to attend the cheerleading camp run by their coach, Anthony Galati. The girls and their coach set out on a crazy adventure to get Annette to the big game and help her win it.

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