My Family Kitchen by Sophie Tweek – A Cookbook Review

My Family Kitchen by Sophie Thompson  A Review

My Family Kitchen by Sophie Thompson – A Review

What a delightful book, My Family Kitchen by Sophie Thompson; it’s full of tasty recipes and lots of color photographs. The book was a real joy to read, with delightful little anecdotes and memories added throughout. I especially love the photographs in this book, which show everyday life at home through the eyes of a child. In addition to recipes, there are a number of interesting and touching tales about growing up in a home in Wiltshire, England.

My Family Kitchen is the third in the series, after Home Sweet Home and Kitchen Family. The previous books were outstanding, but My Family Kitchen by Sophie Tweek is a far superior text. I particularly enjoyed the personal stories told through the text; it brought home just how much the food and environment played an important part in our everyday lives. The photographs provided by the author really helped bring home the point that this book was not just about preparing food; it was also about the way we processed it and cooked it. That’s quite an important lesson to learn when you grow up in a home where food and cooking forms an important part of everyday life.

There are so many recipes included in My Family Kitchen; it’s incredible how many things can be made and eaten! From simple soups to gourmet pastas, there is something for everyone. Although the author talks about the importance of having a good set of kitchen tools; she also makes a point of encouraging families to experiment with cooking, rather than sticking to the tried and true recipes. My teenage daughter adores cookies and cake and would love something like that in her own book; she’s actually quite good at making cookies, despite her lack of formal culinary training.

I particularly enjoyed reading through the selection of recipes given. There were also a number of “homemade” recipes given, which were particularly interesting. For instance, one recipe called “apple pie” required some seriously unusual apples, and the filling was in the shape of an apple. It’s quite a bit of work, but totally worth it to have such fun fruits filling the book.

The best thing about My Family Kitchen by Sophie Tweek – and any book that include her name on the cover – is that you can find out what other people find so useful. In particular, her advice on how to find cheap ingredients and sources of proteins was extremely helpful. I am a big fan of chicken noodle soups; it’s something I often forget to prepare, and having read through the book, I now know how to make a delicious and easy soup every time. Similarly, meat stew is something I’ve often found lacking in my cooking; this book provides excellent advice on cooking venison and beef. The recipes themselves are relatively simple – if you’re prepared to cook your own ingredients, that is – but the various ingredients described in great detail to give clear instructions for preparing them, as well as ensuring you don’t waste any flavour by overcooking them.

In addition, My Family Kitchen by Sophie Tweek also provides plenty of practical hints and tips. For instance, it’s clear from the recipes that many of them were intended for those who have small children. She also gives clear explanations of the types of cutlery and serving utensils appropriate for each type of dish, and the importance of washing both thoroughly before use. Also, given the emphasis on whole foods in the book, there are plenty of dietary suggestions, including how much food should you eat each day. It’s always surprising just how much misinformation there is about nutrition, and this book helps to illustrate the point that good, nutritious eating doesn’t necessarily have to be boring and dull.

It is clearly a book that has been designed with the modern family in mind. There is a lot of information on how to cook a wide range of dishes, and the recipes are designed in an easy to follow manner so that almost anyone can cook something up using these recipes. You may find that the book is too detailed for your kitchen, but it is certainly worth having if you want to fully appreciate all that it has to offer. My Family Kitchen by Sophie Tweek – A Cookbook Review is an enjoyable and informative read.

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