Nickolte’s Collecting – A Look at the History of Nickolte ‘Signed’ Mugs

Nick Nolte 61 MUG SHOT  The Smoking Gun

Nick Nolte’s” 1961 Mexico Silent Celebration” is a fun read full of action, mystery, and even humor. It was one of my first Nick Nolte books and I have to admit, I was very interested in this one. I’m not much of mystery or history buff but I do enjoy reading about them. This one definitely fits in that category and it’s a great addition to Nick’s varied talents as a writer. He’s obviously good at both of them. In this one he turns his hand to writing about something that happened in history.

We follow up on the story from “The Great Game”, where Nolte takes on a similar case involving a group of CIA agents. They’re after some real bad stuff and they need the help of an experienced gunslinger to get their hands on it. In exchange for protection, the group gets some top shelf drugs from a Chinese drug lord. They don’t realize what they’ve been getting and risk getting caught.

Once they learn what they’re after, though, they need more than just guns and drugs. They need to protect themselves. It’s hard to say how they came to be so distrustful of the Chinese, who may have supplied the drugs or supplied the guns used to carry out the mission. The whole situation is somewhat mysterious and there’s plenty for Nick to work up his imagination. But they probably never could’ve known the real danger they were running if they hadn’t followed Nolte’s lead.

Nick and his two other colleagues find themselves in a bit of a bind once the drugs are located. It’s a race against time, literally. There’s a lot of fighting and the Chinese have guns as well. Nick’s Chinese associate is after the skull of an American contractor and if they get their hands on it, they’ll kill the contractor as well. So the race is on to save the man’s life.

In order to beat time, the group must use powerful and unusual weapons. This includes a pair of Chinese q-tip mugs that have holes in the base to shoot through. When the Americans show up, the Chinese have no choice but to surrender. Nick has a couple of these mugs as well and he uses them to scare the Chinese off.

A Nick and Sam movie would be pretty boring without the legendary’61 mugs’ sequence. It involves Nick and Sam tracking down an ‘enemy combatant’ who has stolen Chinese artifacts. They wind up finding this man hiding out in a museum and steal the objects from him.

One of the best parts of the movie involves the Chinese prison where the thieves are kept. Each of the Chinese men is made to drink a q-tip cup of brandy before they can be released. This is followed by having the men ‘drink to their hearts’ content’ in one of the many’mugs’. The’1961 mugs’ they drink out of are displayed prominently on the wall behind them, and the ‘enemy combatant’ soon find out just what ‘they are up against’ when he is served with brandy.

A Nick and Sam movie is a fun and entertaining to watch that would make any cup of coffee long after it has been enjoyed fully. They are characters that you would instantly recognize and identify with. That is because they are simple and very basic. Although not in every sense a classic, the movie’1961 mugs’ is well worth a look for its originality and fun.

Nick and Sam stumble upon an underground metal tunnel that leads them to a huge, well-cleaned and freshly-minted Chinese porcelain cup. In it are many colorful Chinese coins. However, there is something peculiar about the cup. It holds two curved metal strips in place, in a ‘T’ shape, and these strips hold two hollowed-out’spheres’. On either side of the ‘T’ slots for inserting a coin into.

Nick and Sam use their newly-found knowledge of the Chinese coin collecting world to go after the ‘treasure’ they know is inside. They succeed in their mission to find the cups, but in doing so, they come face-to-face with a horde of greedy Chinese vendors and ‘bookies’. They are defeated, but not before they learn the true meaning of greed and how to defeat it. In the meantime, Sam accidentally gets pepper sprayed in the face. He is left with painful memories of the experience, as well as the knowledge that drinking ‘poison tea’ could possibly lead to his death.

All of this occurs during the span of one night. Nick and Sam get lost in a mall. While searching for a door to enter, Sam accidentally drops his bag of Chinese coins. Luckily, they manage to find their way back to the mall just in time to help Nick beat his friend, who at that point is revealed to be a Chinese martial arts master named Jackie Chan. The movie ends with the two friends locked in a battle that spills over into the streets of Hong Kong.

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