Nine Things to Know Before Visiting Guatemala With Kids

Nine things to know before visiting Guatemala with kids

Are you planning a vacation to Guatemala? Are you looking for a place where you and your family can have fun and learn a lot at the same time? Are you wondering what to bring with you? Do not worry. In this article, we will discuss nine things to know before visiting Guatemala with kids.

The Country’s Natural Beauty – Guatemala is a wonderful country that has so much to offer. If you want to have an adventurous trip full of nature and beautiful scenery, this is the perfect destination for you. Guzmos National Park, Popayo National Park, and Mayan ruins are some of the best sites to see in this country. The parks are very captivating and you get the feeling that you are in another world – that of the rainforests!

It Has Great Attractions – With more than 400 volcanoes to visit and various other natural attractions, this destination is full of excitement for both old and young visitors. You can visit the ancient religious places like Corcovado Cathedral and the ruins of the 16th century church of San Benito. The National Park features caves, trails, and the Amazing Tiara – the biggest limestone formation in the Western Hemisphere!

The Climate Is Favorable For Kids – Guatemala is a warm country and the temperature hardly ever goes below sixty degrees. Thus, you and your kids can enjoy lots of fun during the summer months. The weather in Guzmos is also quite pleasant and cool! In fact, during the hot months, the locals tend to stay indoors and play video games or hang out with friends.

The Currency Is Worth Your Time – Although the country does not accept major currencies (like the US dollar), you can still spend plenty of money if you wish to. In fact, travelers often bring lots of cash and others bring counterfeit bills so that they can be exchanged for real currency when they leave. For that reason, the worth of the local currency (the GHP) is always worth looking into. Keep in mind that the exchange rates are different every day and you might find that the price of your local currency has dropped by a lot! Thus, it’s always worth shopping around until you come upon a good deal.

The Healthcare System Is Good – The healthcare system in Guatemala is very efficient and organized. The doctors and hospitals are very clean and you will not encounter any unpleasant surprises. There are private clinics where you can go for minor medical issues as well as government hospitals where you will be treated for major medical conditions. It is very important to get yourself checked out thoroughly by your doctor so that you know what you are facing ahead of time. In addition, there are also free vaccinations available for children.

The Food Is Fantastic – Guayaquil restaurants serve some of the best Mexican and South American food in the world. The prices are also very reasonable. You can choose from a wide variety of seafood, meat, fruits and vegetables. Make sure that you try some traditional delicacies like chimichangas, quesadillas and hueco fritos. Make sure that you visit an authentic restaurant before you visit Guatemala with kids because you won’t find many options there. Try the popular street foods and try something new – it’s easy to do, tastes great and will fill you up!

The Weather Is Wonderful – Guatemala has beautiful weather all year round. However, the best time to visit is from April to May when the climate is the most ideal for vacations. The best part about the weather in this part of the world is that it never fails to impress kids. They love going outdoors and snorkeling under the tropical blue water. In addition, the beaches are very safe and secure. So if you have kids, remember these nine things to know before visiting Guatemala with kids.

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