Patty Hearst Was A Victim Of Crime – But Now She Is A Sought After Forensic Expert

Patty Hearst is the person who has come to be known as the “Whiter Smile” of the Oklahoma City Police Department. However, even as she was being so helpful and kind to our officers, the department took little advantage of her knowledge, skills, and experience in the community. This is why Patty Hearst was murdered. What was the reason? Why did this woman, a respected local businesswoman, die at the hands of a police officer who should have known better? How could this happen?

Patty Hearst MUG SHOT  The Smoking Gun

Well, you may think that this incident would never have happened if Patty Hearst had only simply given the information that she provided. But, there is something that she did do that most people don’t know about. Patty Hearst saw and did give information that could have helped the police to determine how to proceed in this case. If more police officers would have known what she knew, then maybe this case would have been different. She had information that could have helped to catch the killer.

When the information came out, it caused quite a stir and caused many to voice their opinions. Many thought it was a big setup and an attempt by certain groups to manipulate the public through public announcement. Some thought it was simply too good of a bargain to be true. Others thought that this person must have some sort of inside information that they were withholding. Whatever the case may be, the information was made available.

Did Patty Hearst feel that this information about the robbery was not proper? Did she feel that this information was jeopardizing the investigation? These are all questions that we may never know the answer to. What is certain is that this information upset someone and that is why the investigation was stopped. The anger that was felt led to the decision to stop further investigation until the anger subsided.

Did Patty Hearst ever regret telling the information that she had? It’s possible that she did but she chose to share what she had to help with the closure of the case. The information that she gave may have helped to clue someone in to the identity of the person who committed the crime. This would have been very helpful. If not, it could at least have provided information on how to pick the lock or cut the rope tied to the noose.

At the time, there was another case that was being processed and Patty Hearst wanted to be a part of that. It was one that involved a lot of money. Whoever committed this crime was going to pay for their crimes and this would at least help the investigation. It might even lead to the capture of the person who committed the crime. But, since this wasn’t part of the original investigation, it didn’t get all the attention it deserves.

The irony is that the person who committed the crime that she was working on was being investigated for another crime. This is because the investigator was looking for information that tied him to the robbery. How was she going to let this pass? This is what happened.

Patty Hearst did provide the public with some useful information. But, the public deserves more than what she has given them so far. Her case should be taken more seriously. More information should be investigated into it. If the information that she has provided has any relevance to solving the mystery of the forty-three-year-old disappearance, more investigation should be done.

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