Read 33 Celebrity Books

33 Celebrity Books That Are Actually Really Good

If you are looking for a great way to pass the time and get in the mood for a good book, then look no further than some of the many 33 celebrity books that are available today. Many of these books have been released through various publishing houses and some of them you will have to pay for as well as the ones that you can simply download from the internet. Here is a list of seven titles that you should check out.

Once You Meet the Moon Man by David Blaine. This is a collection of short stories about a young girl who experiences life to the fullest after meeting a very special person. Although the girl eventually falls in love with a much older man, she decides to hold onto her memories and dream life. It’s a great novel that contains beautiful illustrations. If you like fantasy and the supernatural, this is definitely a book that you will want to read.

A Bride For Sale by Ann Foster. This book has several different parts including an ancient fairy tale, a love story, and even a few poems about the wedding. Each story is full of romance and humor. Although there are a lot of fairy tales and humorous stories scattered throughout, it is the fairy tale story that is the best. One of the characters in the book will be a very familiar character to anyone that has ever seen the movie; Miss Piggy. Even the book cover is that of a pig.

When Harry Met Sally by Andy Crabb? This book is another great collection of short stories that have a great deal of humor. Although there are many different types of stories, each story deals with a different aspect of relationships, such as a cheating husband, a crazy ex-girlfriend, and more. It will certainly take you out of your comfort zone and get you thinking about other people and what they may be thinking.

Ghost Dog: The Search for Mr. X by Kevin Dunn. This one of the top selling authors is another collection of short stories. In this book, you will find a man who must find his old friend after he goes missing. You will also find out who this mysterious person really is and why he wants to find this person.

When Harry Met Sally by Andy Crabb? Another great collection of celebrity stories is when a man named Harry realizes that he really does have a gift for speaking to women. He decides to give up his career as a stand up comic so that he can devote more time to becoming an expert at speaking to women. While doing so, he bumps into a woman named Sally Bowles and gets the chance to know her better. They become friends and the book ends with them going on a trip together.

Love Actually by Richard Carlson and Lori Hunter. This book is centered on a couple that have been married for twenty years and are starting to have serious doubts about getting a divorce. The couple has decided to go on a vacation and Lori has asked Richard to be her boyfriend while she is on their trip. Everything is going great until Richard has to cancel the trip because of a bladder infection and he cannot have sex with her. The book ends with them finally getting a divorce and Richard starting a new life as a father instead of a rocker.

Once You’re Gone by David Farley and Jasoninkle. This is a great book to read with your kids. It tells the story of two teenage girls who get to high school together and Jasoninkle ends up getting the girl. Afterward, they keep in touch and end up falling in love and getting engaged.

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