Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

The star of the Twilight movies is Robert Pattinson. Robert Pattinson is a vampire. So if you are not into the vampire sub-culture, then this film will not interest you. But if vampire-inspired movies are your cup of tea then this one will surely hit the spot! I have a soft spot for Edward in this movie.

Robert Pattinson plays Edward Cullen, a nineteen-year-old who lives with his Aunt and uncle in the large town of London. He is known as one of the more outgoing and intelligent teenagers in school. One of the other main characters, his best friend at school, is Bella Swan. This character belongs to Edward’s era, during the time when he was turned into a werewolf. It is this connection to Bella that has made this movie such a fun watch.

Robert Pattinson’s character is very well portrayed. His appearance is the epitome of a teen movie star. He has great abs. They are beautifully sculpted. From the moment that he was first seen in the movie, people just knew that this would be an excellent role.

Another good thing about Robert Pattinson’s character is his voice. Robert is just fantastic. He does a wonderful job of convincing his character. The accent is understandable, and his clothing is sexy without being over the top. In short, he sells himself well!

Edward Cullen is Edward’s best friend. They have a great relationship going on between them. It all started when Edward saw Bella at a play. He just had to get in touch with her so he could ask her out on a date. As it turns out, Bella was more than happy to go out with him.

Afterward, Edward talks to Bella about getting to spend the night with her. Unfortunately, Bella gets sick that night, and Edward cannot stay out of the house to see her. So he dials her parents’ number and they tell him that they will be able to make sure that she gets better soon. This upsets Edward because he now realizes how lucky he is to have such a great friend. This character really sells himself.

Finally, there is the love story. Edward fell in love with Bella all throughout the movie. The chemistry between the two of them is what made the movie so great. I especially loved the dancing sequence at the end of the movie when Edward and Bella finally kiss.

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie. It is a fun role that also portrays a nice guy. Robert Pattinson sells himself very well. This is just one of his best roles to date.

Before seeing this movie, I was thinking that it would be the same as the role of Jean Valjean in the animated movie Moulin Rouge. However, this isn’t so. Robert Pattinson’s character is not as cool as the character of Jean Valjean. Robert Pattinson is simply great.

Robert Pattinson did have some trouble with his body language during the movie. In one scene he was going to lean over to one side, but then went back to standing straight up. On the other hand, he also has the personality to say the least. Robert Pattinson has one of the best roles of the year.

Everyone has their favorite scene from a movie. mine is the one in which Robert Pattinson’s character dies. The scene itself is graphic and very sad. However, Robert Pattinson does an amazing job of playing the role. He knows when to do this and when to do that.

One thing that is very impressive about Robert Pattinson’s acting is his ability to remain emotionless. He just sits there and does his lines. No one can make this character act any different than what he does. Robert Pattinson is simply fantastic at what he does. This is just another reason why he is my favorite actor of all time.

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