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Rolling Stone is an American weekly magazine that concentrates on popular music. It was established in San Francisco, California, in early 1967 by Jann Wenner. It quickly became a favorite of many readers because of its focus on rock music. However, it was only in the last few years that it has ventured into other genres of music. It has also been known for political reporting and for rock music. Each issue contains a number of reviews and interviews which give detailed insights into the lives and careers of certain figures.

The magazine has always had in-depth interviews with notable individuals and bands. The current editor-in-chief, Matt Taibbi, is responsible for assembling the magazine’s feature articles. The topics tend to focus on issues which are of interest to the music public, such as breaking news, controversial issues, the making of a great album, concerts, and music stories. Issues are normally released in two parts: one for the United States and one for the world.

The history of Rolling Stone dates back to its founding year, when it was published under the name Mojo magazine. The name was changed to Rolling Stone in order to be able to register the magazine as a non-profit. In addition, the name change happened as a result of the pressure from the music publishing industry. In the early years, Rolling Stone was mainly concerned with independent music related issues and it was successful in gaining widespread attention and popularity. The publication gained even more popularity after the release of its first album in the US, titled Just a Little Piece. In addition, the band Ginseng Ringo was a regular contributor to the magazine.

The core of Rolling Stone is the writing team, which includes Matt Taibbi, who are the magazine’s editor-in-chief; Matt Guterman, who are the music editor; Ken Tucker, the magazine’s features editor; and Ross Drennon, a video director and producer. Apart from the regular issues, the magazine also has a number of special issues, each focusing on a single musician or group. Some of these issues include the short list of the best albums of a decade, the 50 greatest artists of a decade, the top ten best songs of a decade, the best songs of a day, etc. Rolling Stone’s web site features articles, reviews, and news about music. A feature that Rolling Stone did not launch until later was the band profiles, where bands were interviewed to provide insight into their lives and careers.

Rolling Stone, unlike many other music publications, has never been afraid to publish controversial issues that may be deemed as ‘out of the ordinary’. In fact, a controversial issue that was printed in the original issue received widespread attention. This was the controversy surrounding the composition of a song by Michael Jackson called ‘Thriller’, which had the singer claiming that he never wrote the track.

Rolling Stone continues to be a major player in the music industry and its influence on music lovers is still felt today. One can find innumerable cover images, song titles, album covers, interview topics, and more on the online archive of the magazine. The publication has never shied away from featuring controversial interviews with people from the music business. Many musicians have included Rolling Stone interviews on their CD’s and tours, and have even gone on to speak candidly on the magazine’s web site.

The publication has always published controversial stories that have made news. In fact, one of the most infamous installments was the expose of the fact that Guns N Roses member Slash had once been married to Marilyn Manson. The story was highly publicized and caused a great deal of controversy when Guns’ N Roses and Marilyn Manson sued Rolling Stone. An extensive court battle followed, resulting in the publication being forced to destroy all its remaining material relating to the story. Other subjects that have caused outrage include the beating death of Rapper Flavor Flav and the murder of Bon Jovi.

Rolling Stone is certainly not the only music publication to have run afoul of the law. In recent years, it has also been targeted by the British government for publishing lyrics in its magazine that allegedly glorify violence. A controversial issue that made the rounds was a cover story that depicted the beating of an entertainer to death. No charges were ever filed against Rolling Stone, and no charges were actually brought against the entertainer responsible for his own death. Despite this unfortunate situation, the magazine continues to enjoy considerable popularity and influence within the rock world.

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