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Fashion has been one of the most prominent features of FASHION Magazine since its inception. Since there are women of all ages, races and preferences, it is definitely a must-have for anyone who loves fashion. The various issues of FASHION Magazine provide a wide variety of articles on fashion trends for the current season. The common trend being reported in FASHION Magazine is usually one that can be best described as wearable luxury. The best way to state this trend is to say it is elegant and chic.

FASHION Magazine spring/summer/fall/air trends are reported all over the world. These include: *Fashion for Summer, which highlights both light and heavy clothing styles in order to accentuate a woman’s best assets: from head to toe. *Fashion for Spring, the season when the weather is warm and comfortable. The colors are light and well-dressed, and come in a variety of classic as well as contemporary looks.

*Fashion for Fall, one of the most challenging periods in the calendar. It is the time when people have a real sense of wanting to make a fashion statement. Fashion for Fall includes a range of looks inspired by the current season. One look that is very popular is that of the two-toned suit. This look is simple yet elegant and can be accessorized with ethnic accessories.

*Fashion for Spring, a period when the weather is perfect for a more relaxed and laid-back look. Colorful patterns, and organic fabrics are in. The dressy look of elegant cardigans, long skirts and casual trousers is a popular trend. *Fashion for Winter, a period of practicality and simplicity. The latest arrivals include sweaters, blazers, and coats.

*Fashion for Summer, the best time of year to get trendy. The range this season is wide-ranging and exciting, with a focus on contemporary materials and fabrics. Colorful patterns and innovative fabrics are in. Bright, vibrant colors, and refreshing trends add to the bright and breezy look of the summer collections.

*Fashion for Winter. A brave new world of fashion awaits in Winter. A more traditional look is in. Traditional patterns in dark colors have been given a fresh look. Traditional heels and glamorous high-heeled shoes are sure to make an impression wherever you go this season.

*Fashions for Spring, one of the most exciting periods in the year. Shapes are changing again. More feminine, lighter designs look to be the norm. There is a new spirit of fun and color associated with spring collection. Bright, vibrant colors are in.

*Fashions for Fall. Once again, we’re seeing styles that are more relaxed, less structured. One trend is wearing darker neutral colored clothing with jackets and leather jackets. Cowl necks and jackets look great with the heavier fashions this season. Fall fashion looks to be more relaxed than before and lines and shapes are less defined.

*Fashions for Summer. Another summer collection that is changing seasonally. Again, more relaxed and less structured. Flats, sandals and bright, colorful tops are great for the summer. One trend that does not change though is the huge amount of accessories available for women.

*Fashions for Spring. Spring brings us one of the most vibrant seasons in fashion. Flowers, colors and fresh new patterns are everywhere. One trend however does not change. Mini skirts are one of the most classic clothing items that women will want to have in their wardrobe for spring.

*Fashions for Summer. The hot, spicy, adventurous summer is finally coming to a close. New colors, fabrics and designs are showing up but it is still the same old fashion-one look and you are dressed for the season.

When shopping for new fashions this spring, you just need to know what to look for. Don’t let the labels tell you what the collection looks like. Instead, ask yourself what outfits you have worn recently that you love (and still look great in!). Take note of colors, patterns and textures. This will help you to create new looks from your existing fashions.

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