Stop Praising Demi-Hazing

I’m often asked if I believe in “stop praising Demi”. It’s one of my mantras, and the reason I say it that way is because I do believe it. The Demi-hazing phenomenon is a complete turn off for addicts and alcoholics who have decided enough is enough and want out of the drug and alcohol addiction cycle. The Demi-hazing cult has taken over the rehab centers and recovery programs all across the nation and there are many celebrities who practice this destructive praise of Demi.

Stop Praising Demi While Judging Every Other Addict Around You

So what’s the big deal? Why do we as recovering addicts and alcoholics feel the need to “stop praising Demi”? What does it really mean? And why is it so hard for most of us to let go of her?

I can tell you that for me, I believe it’s critical to teach addicts and alcoholics to get past the victimhood mentality and understand that they don’t deserve to be loved or cherished. I firmly believe that you cannot make someone stop being an addict or an alcoholic by giving them pats on the back or a hug when they get a chance to “give back”. I also know that true addicts and alcoholics don’t need to be praised for their accomplishments in life. They need to be told that life is too short and that they shouldn’t waste it by making themselves feel better by wallowing in self-pity or by indulging in every bad habit they can get their hands on.

I am absolutely sure that Demi Moore knows all of this and is also aware that she is using this strategy to get people to stop criticizing her and stop listening to her testimony. But the unfortunate thing is, even though she knows this, she continues to do it. I’ve heard Demi rave about how she feels everyone loves her and is constantly complimenting her on her appearance, whether it’s her physical looks or her career choice of being a singer. Demi even bragged about her cellulite once during one of her talk shows. Of course, her cellulite is on her thighs and not on her hips.

Well, what does Demi do when she feels someone is criticizing her? She either starts talking over the person with lies or she attempts to take things personally and criticize without any logic or objectivity. In fact, Demi even made a joke about a fat “Vegas Goddess” on her television show when she got a negative comment from one of her viewers. And she continued to bring up her weight in interviews. Even after being told that she was just trying to put on a little weight in order to look good for her children, Demi still couldn’t let it go.

If I’m not mistaken, I think she’s even more bipolar than I thought she was. Anyway, even if Demi knows that she’s using her “weight loss” gimmick to gain even more weight, she’s still going on about it and ranting and raving. Apparently, she believes that she can control her addictions better than the government or anyone else.

Of course, she’s disgusting and I’d never want to even think about promoting her as an idol to anyone. I don’t even want to call the Demi-hazing gimmick that she practices and glorifies, an addiction. To be an addict, you need to abuse something, you need to have it under control all the time. Demi-hazing is Demi’s way of controlling her body and mind.

What a disgusting practice this is. And it’s no wonder she has lost so much respect from real women. Why should we worship someone who thinks only money matters when it comes to being an actress? This is totally un-American and totally disgusting. Who will stand up for Demi? I’m assuming she has plenty of money to throw at people and defend her name, but what good will that do when she loses her respect from the people who once laughed at her for her “addiction” and “trouble?”

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