Suffragette – The Story of the Most Diverse Group of Women

Suffragette – The Story of Women and Power is a fascinating look into the past and the influence of the suffragettes on society. Historian Amanda Vickery unmasked Britain’s longest running war, the bloody civil war that changed the face of the country, the darkest hour in its history, chronicling the often neglected heroines (some forgotten, some not) who strove for change. She tells us what happened at those pivotal moments in history, who was there, how they acted, why, and what their impact was on Britain and, most importantly, the world. Suffragette – The Story of Women and Power is not just a history lesson; it is a fascinating glimpse into the world we live in today.

Suffragette  The Story of Women and Power

Amanda Vickery is a historian, writer and consultant specialising in women’s history. She has produced numerous articles about women’s history, popular women’s figures, and women’s rights and issues. She has also worked as a reporter in newspapers, magazines, radio, and television, contributing to numerous documentaries, and wrote several books on different aspects of women’s history. This makes her an in-depth specialist in women’s history, something that you cannot expect from an author writing about something she does not have much knowledge about herself.

Suffragette chronicles the many struggles women had with the laws that prevented them from achieving full equality. The book traces the history of the Suffragettes from their origin in 19th century America, through the First World War, to the end of the Second World War, and finally to the present day. There is also a short afterword exploring some of the popular women’s rights movements that occurred around the time of the book.

The main character of Suffragette – the very real Emmeline Fitch – is the quintessential modern day heroine. Emmeline was born into a poor family in Manchester, England, and after being encouraged by older sister Ginger who knew of a place where she could work her way to become a doctor, she joined the women’s Suffragette movement in Liverpool in 1920. Emmeline’s courage as well as her intellect made her one of the leaders of the suffragettes, and she was later seen by President Wilson and the House of Representatives. After the war was over, she went back home to continue working on women’s rights, and this is when the book begins. This is where the story turns romantic, as the reader learns that Emmeline really did want a career that would take her far beyond the confines of a doctor.

Suffragette chronicles the journey of Emmeline throughout the different eras of women’s rights that were fought for throughout history. Although the beginning of the book is focused on the early years, Suffragette – the story never stops moving forward. The second half of the book traces the movement for women’s rights during the middle years, with several essays focusing on various issues facing women in positions of power during this period of history. These essays help to provide insight and background to the historical events that helped to shape and form the key characters that are featured in Suffragette – the book. Throughout the third quarter of the book, several short stories are interspersed between the main plot, which helps to develop the character and build anticipation for what is to come.

While the focus is clearly to support women’s rights in the twenty-first century, Suffragette – the book does not shy away from the past or go into detail about controversial issues that have had an impact on women’s rights in the past. However, there is a certain amount of nostalgia as the characters look back on the past and appreciate all the strides that women have made since the start of the modern era. The book is certainly entertaining, informative, and romantic in a modern setting, but does have some historical context, as well.

One of the most interesting aspects of the book is how it contextualizes the women behind the historical events that unfold. Though most of the book is centered on the main characters, throughout the book it is revealed that there were many other women who played a significant role in the fight for women’s rights during this time period. The book ends with a foreword by its editor, Beverly Strode, who provides a useful background on the period as well. This book review will take a look at some of the many fascinating details that are provided by this text book.

Suffragette – the story of the famous 19th century suffragettes is very intriguing and a fun read. It is not only a story of how these women fought for women’s rights, but it is also a story of history and of women’s role in shaping the future of world politics. A history buff would certainly enjoy reading about this period in history and getting a detailed and descriptive book jacket to go along with the book.

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