The 10 Historical Greats Whose Death We Wish Would Never Be

10 Historical Greats Whose Deaths We Wish Werent So Embarrassing

It’s hard to think about the life of any of the 10 Historical Greats who have passed away but some of their lives are still celebrated today. These artists, writers and performers were able to influence all of our lives. Their contributions to our culture are still celebrated and honored. Here is a look at some of their famous lines and some of their impact.

“EVERlastingly and Always”: This famous line from A Boy and His Dog is one that we all love and it tells us just one thing. These words by Robert Frost talks about the enduring quality of life. We all want to enjoy our lives to the fullest. The phrase is as true today as it was then. This is a good reminder not to get caught up in worrying about dying or living too long.

“EVEREST OF THE POPULATION”: This popular line from Moby Dick tells us just how long we can enjoy life. It also makes us wonder what will happen after our death. The phrase is taken from one of the shortest poems ever written by the great man. It’s amazing how many people quote it now.

“HOW MUCH THEY PROVE UP TO”: The saying of this phrase is as applicable today as it was back in Twain’s day. We all want to believe that we’ve done a good job being alive and that we’re going to live a long and productive life. The phrase reminds us to be patient and not give up until the truth is told.

“HEART someway”: Just as Twain’s famous line did, this popular saying reminds us to not dwell on the death of a loved one too much. The way we grieve for their loss is important. Sometimes it helps to simply forget about everything else for a while. This expression has been used to help countless people deal with the death of a loved one.

“FREEDS NEVER QUIT”: Some people might take this phrase to mean that we shouldn’t worry about dying before we die. But, in fact, it means exactly the opposite. The fact that you’ve worked hard for your money, given your life to your country and helped make things better for those around you should be reason enough for you to live as long as you possibly can. The people in your family and the community who’ve supported you throughout your life should know that, even though you’re no longer among them, they’ll always have your support and prayers.

“PEOPLE WHO NEVER MET BUT HAVE CARRYED ON”: There are countless phrases that have similar meaning. This one stands out because it speaks to those who have passed away but continue to carry on their legacy. Of course, it’s impossible to erase the people or circumstances that caused a person to pass away. But, people can certainly carry on the things that they’ve always wanted to do, which is why this phrase is important. As with “FRIENDLY AND DEAR”: The motivation to continue doing what you’ve always done is admirable.

“THEY SUCCESSfully RESIST”: Greats like Robert E. Lee are an example of how resisting an adversity can be an act of heroism in its own right. It shows how greatness can be accomplished despite odds. And, if you look at the life of some of the most important historical greats, you’ll find examples of people who succeeded against all odds. These are some of the most powerful words in the history of the English language.

“PEOPLE WHO LOVE US”: Perhaps the best example of this phrase is found in a quote by Benjamin Franklin: “It is said that the only thing that is certain in this life is that you can fail as many times as you can succeed.” While it’s true that life is unpredictable, it’s also true that our successes create greater pride in the people who love us most. It may take a lot of hard work and persistence, but the love of what we do creates the extra strength to persevere.

“HEART STOPPING”: We’ve all heard those famous lines from A CHANGED MAN by Joe DiMaggio: “My heart stops here. It won’t be moved.” Sometimes those quotes are meant literally, and other times they’re about looking at life through the wrong end of the telescope. But, regardless of whether or not it’s meant literally, it remains one of the most poignant words in the English language. It reminds us that the most important people in our lives don’t just get away from us; they leave behind a legacy of love and memories that are with us for ever.

“RADIOACTIVE”: There’s one thing that seems to make these famous quotes even more poignant: the words themselves are words from another life. George Jones said of himself in one of his many radio addresses that, “I am no longer the George Jones of today. I am George Jones the George Jones of yesterday.” And yet even with his memorial radio address, George Jones spoke of how much he loved his past and wished that he could go back to those days of his youth. That kind of longing can only come from someone who loves you on the inside, who understands and respects the past.

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