The 18 Greatest Celebrity Pixie Cuts of the Past Decade

The 18 Greatest Celebrity Pixie Cuts Of The Past Decade

Since the 1980’s female stars have been in the spotlight for their hair styles. From Jennifer Aniston to Madonna to Brooke Shields and more, women around the world have had their hairstyles influence by a variety of different celebrities. Throughout this article we will take a look at some of the styles that have had the most impact on women. Today we are going to cover the 18 Greatest Celebrity Pixie Cuts of the Past Decade.

One of the first styles to hit the runway was the ponytail. It was very popular with teen models like Victoria Beckham, Kimora Lee Simmons and Nicole Ritchie. This style has remained popular with women of all ages. You can find them in a number of different variations, from the simple and straight cut to the celebrity inspired boho twist. It is safe to say that the ponytail remains a favorite among teenage girls.

When it comes to classic celebrity hairstyles, you cannot go past Jennifer Aniston. The actress has been in the news quite a bit recently over her long hair, which she fans can be seen sporting in various print and TV ads. Every time there is a TV show about something, you can bet that Jennifer Aniston will be the central character and that hairstyle will almost always be there.

One of the best celebrity hairstyles of all time is Jennifer Lopez’s style. Long, sleek and elegant, the style has remained the same over the years and is popular among all women regardless of age. If you want to get your celebrity buzz, then you should definitely look at Jennifer’s style. It is classic and always in fashion.

One of the most famous hair styles of all time is Britney Spears. If you are going for a really old-school type of look, then you can choose between different perm styles, extensions, cornrows, braids and other things that are done by celebrities on the red carpet. The Britney Spears hair is pretty much her own and every time she does a big show, you can be sure that her hair is going to be in high demand. The cut is classic and has inspired many people to try their own variations of it.

Jessica Simpson is probably one of the most well known faces of the hair right now. She has an amazing face that is very cute and always seems to be in style. Jessica has been rocking a shorter style lately that is called the Simmiescope and it is definitely getting a lot of attention. The cut she likes is straight with a bit of an angled edge. It is super simple yet looks amazing.

Celebrity hairstyles of the 80s can also be considered a part of the past for a minute. The definition that we all strive for comes from the many hairstyles that we can do without any expensive laser hair treatments or having your stylist do them for you. Back then, there were no image consultants to tell us how to style our hair and we had to figure things out for ourselves. Many women just took what they saw on television and ran with it, creating crazy-tasking hair style stars like Paris Hilton.

Some of the hairstyles that made the decade even more famous are the Al Pacino classic style and the Michael Jackson hairstyle. Both of these styles are still popular today and can be seen at many of the celebrity parties that are thrown each year. Every decade has a few classic styles that will never go out of style. We are all just learning about these hairstyles that celebrities have done in the past so you can take advantage of the styling ideas by yourself. You can make your own style, just like Paris Hilton did, but you need to find a good professional to get it done.

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