The 3 Keys to Creating Viral Content

The 3 Keys to Creating Viral Content

It may not be as easy as it sounds, but the 3 keys to creating viral content can be simplified down into one simple word: sharing. I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase before. And if you haven’t, then you have no idea what it means. Sharing is the key to a successful campaign and something that people tend to forget or just don’t understand. You’ve probably heard that a million times before and maybe even saw some funny examples of viral videos where people swap soup or take a pill to share with others. But how does that apply to the real world and how do we create content that is going to make it viral?

To answer that question, you’re going to need to look at the nature of your business and your audience and figure out where they can be reached by you. If you’re running a website for family and friends and simply interested in telling stories or imparting wisdom, then sharing some advice with a friend can be a very simple way to spread your content. But this audience isn’t likely to be as targeted as your “Sachs and Pieces” readers. They don’t live in your niche and aren’t necessarily interested in what you have to say about the topic. If you are trying to generate traffic to your site, your audience needs to be highly targeted and engaged.

This is where “Sachs and Pieces” shine because it is the perfect content for the perfect audience. The two niches that “Sachs and Pieces” targets are those that enjoy humor and those that love controversy. If you are creating content to share with friends and family, you probably already have an interest in these topics so this combination is guaranteed to be a hit. If you are looking to turn this into traffic, however, it will be much harder to break through. The three keys to creating viral content are:

Use the share button properly. Social media icons appear below the fold of most news feeds and allow you to share your post instantly with the network of people who have followed the link. Use the share button on your post and don’t just post it to your own account. Post to as many social media accounts as you can, even if they are not specifically related to your niche. The more social media sites you are able to push your content to, the better.

Your content should encourage interaction. The best viral content stories come from authors who engage their audience. It is the interactive nature of this content that allows readers to comment on the post or email the author directly with questions or comments. You want to be sure that the audience you share with has the same interests as your site, so make sure to target them.

Make sure to use press releases. Social media shares tend to go hand-in-hand with news stories. Using press releases to share your content with a targeted audience can be a great boost to the traffic you receive from your efforts. If you haven’t already started using press releases, now is the time to start writing and submitting them. Use the same distribution services you would for traditional articles and news stories but ensure that your press release is well written and keyword rich. This will ensure that you receive the highest rate of visibility to your content.

Use content marketing to increase traffic. Content marketing is an essential tool for boosting your online presence. By including links to your content in your email signature, website copy, and social media posts you are guaranteed to increase the amount of exposure your content receives. The key is being able to take something good and turn it into a viral tale.

The final key to creating viral content is to share the love. Create fun games or puzzles for your audience to play. Ask them to email you with their results. Posting on forums related to your niche and offering to exchange free gifts for them is another way to spread the word. The more you spread the love around, the higher your content will climb in rankings on the major search engines. The power of content marketing is truly in its infancy, but already it is proving to be an effective and important force in online marketing.

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