The 40 Celebrities Who Are Republicans

40 Celebrities Who Are Republicans

There are a lot of reasons why many Americans find it hard to believe that the forty most famous celebrities in Hollywood are Republicans. The fact is that many celebrities support and have long supported conservative political causes and candidates. Some even became vocal critics of the Democratic Party before they later came out and ran for office. Here are just some examples:

actor Ronald Reagan was a staunch Republican and often spoke out about his beliefs and politics. He repeatedly ran for president in the 1980 election, but ultimately lost to John Kennedy. After his loss, he went on to star as the governor of California and went on to serve two terms.

Another celebrity who is considered a Republican and has been in politics for decades is singer and songbird Aerosmith. Aerosmith is best known for their hit songs such as Dream On and White Wedding. Although most of their fans are Democrats, Aerosmith has also made donations to many national Republican committees over the years. In the past, Aerosmith was an advocate for the national, right wing movement.

The rock band Queen is another group that comes to mind when one thinks of Republican politicians. Queen is known for their song “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Queen singer Roger Daltrey was also a staunch Republican. In fact, the band made numerous political donations to the party and gave millions away to charity. It is not uncommon for Queen fans to hold signs reading “Queen supports McCain” or “Queen loves Bush.”

Another celebrity who is considered a Republican by many is actor Mel Gibson. He has made several donations to the national right wing movement and has been an outspoken critic of President George W. Bush. Many Christians believe that Gibson represents what they believe is the anti-Christ, the Antichrist.

Probably the best-known celebrity who is considered a Republican by many is Ronald Reagan. Reagan had been a lifelong Republican and became the last president of the United States. His supporters are still in love with Reagan and in fact, President Reagan was raised by his family in a home that was considered to be fully right-wing. In fact, his father, former California governor Ronald Reagan, was a member of the anti-communist fringe.

One other celebrity who has become a prominent and popular Republican is entertainer Donald Trump. Many people agree that Trump is one of the most celebrity Republicans because he has managed to attract many Hollywood celebrities to his campaign. To many, Hollywood is the crowning glory of our culture and this includes the Republican Party. Celebrity politics has always been a popular pastime with many writers at Vanity Fair and other magazines. Even television shows have been based around celebrity politics and political pundits on Fox News.

There are many more celebrities who fall into the category of “politician.” In fact, many of them fall into the same category as politicians. Politicians seek to find out how to appeal to the masses by using various media outlets. In recent years, there has been an increased popularity of celebrities who are actually running for elective office.

One famous Republican who has become a celebrity is Mitt Romney. During the last election, many people were afraid that President Obama would win and that they might not be re-elected. But luckily for the Republican, the public didn’t have the same fear about Romney. So many people came out to vote for him and because of his celebrity status, his image was able to permeate the masses.

Probably the most recognizable Republican celebrity is Sarah Palin. People all across the United States and the world became aware of her after her Vice Presidential runs. But she wasn’t the first celebrity to run for president. John McCain chose Palin because of her celebrity status and her long history in Alaska politics. Palin is one of only two women to serve as Governor of Alaska and she is also a member of the hall of fame. Some consider her to be one of the most famous celebrities of our time.

One of the most popular celebrities with a Republican heritage is Ronald Reagan. Reagan was a larger than life figure who became a symbol for freedom and a hero to many. He was born in California but grew up in Texas and became an actor and politician before he became a Hollywood icon.

Celebrities like Donald Trump and Sarah Palin are considered to be some of the most popular in the Republican Party. They are recognized as being a cut above the rest and their fame has spread across the political spectrum. Many forget about them now, but there’s no reason to. They’re famous and they’re successful. Why wouldn’t you want to be famous and successful too?

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