The Best Actors From Hindi Films That Get Represented At The Oscars

The news of celebrities living in Pakistan is becoming famous. These days, we see that the celebrities are not staying behind to just be celebrities. They are making their mark and coming to Pakistan to make a lasting place in the society. Let us have a look at some of them: Sharad Apgar, Shazahn Padamsee, Shah Rukh Khan, Sharukh Khan, Kajol Butt, Karan Johar, Shazahn Padamsee, Azhar Masood, Sushmita Sen, Satya Paul, Karan Johar, Mina Kundu, Reema Sathah, Milind Ingle, Neeta Lulla, Zsanettayan, Shazahn Padamsee and others. Now who will be the next celebrity to move to Pakistan from the West?

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Sharukh Khan: Sharukh is one of the rising stars of stage, screen and music industries. He has managed to win critical acclaim as well as awards for his various roles. Sharukh has also tried his hands at acting in a few films, but failed to make it big in Hollywood, at least not that big.

Shah Rukh Khan: This is the kid who started it all! Shah Rukh played a very pivotal role in two hit movies – Jiahu Maran and Mankatha. However, it was his performance in Rajneeti that made him a star and a force to be reckoned with. Aptly seen as the star who does not let a moment slip by, Shah Rukh Khan has been nominated three times for Best Actor in Film categories at the Oscars and is looking at one more Oscar for his career.

Karan Johar: Just as with Shah Rukh, Karan Johar too has become a force to be reckoned with and has bagged himself some major Film Awards in the process. Recently, he along with Sukhwinder Singh took out the trophy for Best Actor at the Golden Globe Awards along with Madhumati and Nehaq Hadim. This followed a stunning cameo in the film of Aarakali, where he went on to win the same award along with Soumitra Sen. Another interesting fact about theactor is that he is actually a vegetarian, having adopted the lifestyle sometime back after coming to Hollywood. But the secret is out! He loves beef!

Om Puri: One of the oldest and most popular actors of Indian cinema, Om Puri too has become something of a celebrity of his own. An entire generation of youngsters around the world have grown up listening to his mesmerizing stories of love, loss and faith. Aptly seen as the lovable rogue in the hit film Yash Rajneeti, Om Puri has gone on to release some fantastic films like Baahubali, Om Shanti Om and Dhiren ka… Humko Deewana amongst many more. One wonders how long he will remain in the film industry without trying to conquer the hearts of the other celebrities here.

Sharukh Khan: Sharukh Khan hails from Punjab and has been an incredible actor of Pakistani cinema. There was hardly a film that he has not been involved in and apart from Baahubali and Jodha Akbar, his career is mostly built on the amazing performances he has provided for his various characters. No wonder then that even his own family does not like him.

Om Puri’s son Abir is quite adorable as well! The film also features another superstar called Mukesh Bhatt, who shall also be remembered for his excellent acting skills. The film was directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, who also did the movie Ashok Kumar and Kamal Amrohi.

Some of the lesser known stars include Neha Makar, Sharukh Kaur, Ravi Teja, Prem Chopra, Gauri Mukherjea, Gopi Tanna, Nandita Das, Sonu Nigam, Kalia Mitkotia, Milind Ingle and Milindoe. This list is incomplete as one famous star from the Hindi film industry, namely Om Puri, is yet to be recognized by the Hollywood Film industry. Neha Makar has been nominated three times for best actress at the Satellite Awards and has been one of the main faces of the film Tamil Polanki. In fact till date, no Hindi film has ever won the Oscar and Neha has been nominated only thrice!

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