The Boy From Oz – Dacre Montgomery

This article explains why Dacre Montgomery is the boy from Oz who broke the spell cast by Glinda, the good witch of Oz. I think she made a mistake when she transformed him into a frog. Everyone in Oz wears green, and if you switch your top color to orange, it’s a really bad omen. Even animals can do stupid things like that.

Dacre Montgomery is the Boy from Oz  Dacre Montgomery Stranger Things Actor

So Glinda put a spell on Dacre to be a frog. In a cruel twist of fate, Glinda knew that Oz, the human, would never understand. He was a boy, after all, so what difference could he make? But he didn’t understand; in fact, he didn’t care. The sad part was that Oz knew that Dacre needed to be a girl, because that’s where the wickedness lay.

Once Glinda released the Frog Prince (Dacre), he started to change. He became more womanly and started to try to seduce the beautiful Mary Knowles. Of course, she turned him down cold. Then the witch trapped him in a frog suit, and Glinda needed someone to save her frog-turn-person from evil. She picked Dacre Montgomery.

Dacre had always been weak. When the witch sent him to Oz, he was worried about hurting the people there. He said that he was afraid of spiders, but Glinda assured him that he’d be safe in Oz. So he set off, along with his dog Muff Potter, to find help.

While they were away, Oz had taken over Glinda’s magic shop and made lots of wonderful things. He was putting them into bottles, each labeled with the name of one of the girls that worked there. One day, while they were washing some clothes, they noticed a green bottle near the front door. It was labeled “Anne” – right for the pretty girl who worked at the shop.

So Dacre decided that he wanted to ask her out on a date. They were supposed to go on another date soon, so Dacre built up his courage and asked her out to dinner. A relieved and embarrassed Anne told him that she wasn’t ready to see him right then. But Dacre didn’t want to hear that, he jumped in the car and left.

After several days went by, Anne asked Dacre why he hadn’t asked her out yet. Dacre explained that he couldn’t find the time to ask her out. Glinda told Anne that she already knew where Dacre came from – she came from Oz. So they decided that they would give each other a surprise party and invite Dacre to it.

When Dacre arrived at the party, he was decked out for the most fabulous detective work ever. Everyone admired him for his efforts and his ability to get information that no one else could get. Then Dacre noticed the birthday cake that Glinda had made for him. It was a cake with a golden heart that he had never seen before in his life. The crowd laughed when they saw it, but Glinda noticed that Dacre kept looking at the cake. Finally, she told him that it was a present from a close friend of his who knew that Dacre liked to eat ice cream.

Dacre decided to celebrate his birthday at the White House with his friends. He brought along his new gadget called the Metal Cowboy. When they were about to head out for the day, Glinda suddenly felt very sad.

She noticed that Dacre looked just like President Snow. Everyone was very surprised when they found out that this was the same boy that had helped them solve the crime that got the President thrown out of office. Then Dacre Montgomery said that he knew that the president was going to be disappointed. Everyone was very excited when they found out that Dacre was the real president.

This book continues to show us that we can follow the characters we care about despite the circumstances. They face tough times, but they always come out bigger and better than before. Dacre Montgomery is the Boy From Oz – and we all love him for it. I hope that people will continue to read his adventures because he has more of the qualities that we admire in an author.

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