The cast of Hart of Dixie – where are they now?

Hart of Dixie debuted on The CW alongside numerous other iconic shows, and it was clear that they were onto a winner. The storylines were engaging, the characters were diverse and lovable, and we all wanted to take a trip to the fictional town of Bluebell, Alabama.

Although ratings were in the millions and reviews of the show were largely positive, the executives at The CW decided to cancel the show after just four seasons – and we still haven’t gotten over it. We miss the town, we miss the drama, and we miss the characters more and more every day. Yet, have you ever wondered what the cast of Hart of Dixie are up to now?

Scott Porter as George Tucker – Then

As a successful lawyer, George Tucker drives a hard bargain – and his wife definitely knows that. After leaving his hometown of Bluebell for the bright lights of the Big Apple, George decided to make his way back to Alabama to start his own law firm.

While we all hoped that he would eventually end up with Zoe Hart – it seems as though Lemon Breeland eventually stole his heart. After an on-and-off relationship that even included their engagement, the pair decided to part ways. She wasn’t too happy about that though.

Scott Porter – Now

If you hadn’t fallen in love with Scott Porter as George Tucker in Hart of Dixie, there’s a high chance that you will when you realize that the actor is also a singer!

He has used his voice to his advantage in numerous movie musicals and has continued his acting career since his work on the medical drama. Most notably, he has worked on shows such as Scorpion, Ultimate Spider-Man, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. He has also worked as a voice artist for numerous video games.

Kaitlyn Black as Annabeth Nass – Then

As one of the many residents of Bluebell, Alabama, Annabeth sure knows how to put her mark on the small town. Throughout the series, she strikes up a strong bond with the likes of Zoe Hart, Lemon Breeland, and Crickett, and she integrates her personal life and her career within the town.

Although she struggles to maintain her romantic relationships with the likes of Lavon Hayes, Jonah Breeland, and Davis Polk, it was her relationship with George Tucker that proved that she could finally settle down with the right kind of man.

Kaitlyn Black – Now

To this day, Kaitlyn Black is still largely recognized for her role in Hart of Dixie, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t worked on anything else since the show came to an end in 2015.

In fact, she has recently spent a huge portion of her time working on television films such as Babynapped and ‘Killer Single Dad.’ Her latest project comes in the form of a horror movie by the name of Do Not Reply that is currently in post-production and ready to be released in 2019.

Mallory Moye as Wanda – Then

After working in the Mane Street Beauty Salon for a while and getting on the wrong side of Beverly Mayfair and the Reverend, she soon found a real place for herself as a waitress in the Rammer Jammer bar. Amazingly, Wanda’s life became even more perfect when she met Tom Long for the first time, and they soon entered into a relationship. They then got married and had a daughter together.

Mallory Moye – Now

While working on Hart of Dixie, Mallory Moye had the chance to work on numerous other television sets, including those for shows such as Shameless and Skits-O-Frenic.

Ever since the show came to an end and Wanda waved goodbye to the town of Bluebell, she has struggled to maintain her acting career. In fact, since 2015 she has only worked on one project. She appeared in The Resident television series as a nurse, but this was only a minor role. Hopefully, she’ll be back in our lives again soon.

Tim Matheson as Dr. Brick Breeland – Then

Dr. Brick Breeland is held in high esteem in Bluebell, Alabama, thanks to the fact that he is the local doctor who takes great pride in the fact that he helps his town.

However, he wasn’t too pleased to find out that his former practice partner decided to leave his share of the business to Zoe Hart – and he struggles to let this go throughout the series. As well as being a huge name himself, Brick is also the father of Lemon and Magnolia Breeland.

Tim Matheson – Now

Amazingly, Tim Matheson has been in the world of show business since the 1960s, and it’s fair to say that he’s a well-known figure in Hollywood.

With hundreds of acting credits to his name, Tim hasn’t wanted to slow down as the years have gone by, and he’s still as active as ever. Most notably, he took on the role of Ronald Reagan in the National Geographic television film about his life, and he’s even worked on blockbuster movies. In 2017, he took on a role in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.

Jaime King as Lemon Breeland – Then

Lemon Breeland is the kind of woman that looks charming and sweet but will happily do anything she has to to be successful in life. Because of this, she often gets on the wrong side of those in Bluebell.

However, she largely manages to charm all of those who meet her with her charitable nature, her beauty, and her ability to get involved with the community. In fact, it really came as no surprise when she married Mayor Lavon Hayes and became the Lady Mayoress of Bluebell, Alabama.

Jaime King – Now

It’s easy to forget that Jaime King had such a huge role in Hart of Dixie because she has such a huge career under her belt. The young actress has worked on some of the biggest productions over the course of her career, and she is still going strong today.

In recent years, Jaime has worked on TV shows and movies and has even voiced numerous roles for the sci-fi series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars. In 2019, she will take on the lead role for a new series called Black Summer.

Claudia Lee as Magnolia Breeland – Then

Yes, it’s another Breeland. As the daughter of Dr. Brick Breeland and the sister of Lemon Breeland, it’s fair to say that Magnolia has had a pretty good start in life.

Although her mother left her when she was just a baby, she was largely brought up by her sister and therefore has an incredible bond with Lemon. Throughout the series, we follow Magnolia’s life at Cyrus Jeremiah Jones High School and her supposed relationship with Frederick Dean. Were they a couple? We’ll leave that for you to decide.

Claudia Lee – Now

Although we all know that Claudia Lee is an actress, did you know that she is also a singer? She actually performed on one episode of the show thanks to her music producing contacts and has since tried to make a career as a country singer.

While she may not be the next Taylor Swift just yet, Claudia is still going strong as an actress. In recent months, she has worked on a movie called Paved New World, and she even took on a recurring role in the drama show, Famous In love.

Cress Williams as Lavon Hayes – Then

As the Mayor of Bluebell, Alabama, Lavon Hayes has a tough job on his hands. It’s his role to keep the town and his townsfolk in check and make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Thanks to his previous career as a pro football player, Lavon has all of the traits necessary to ensure that Bluebell is kept in good hands, and he even has time to look after his pet alligator in the process! After numerous relationships with the likes of Annabeth, Ruby, and Didi, Lavon eventually ties the knot with Lemon Breeland.

Cress Williams – Now

After making his debut in 1990, Cress Williams has since built a huge acting career for himself and is a hugely recognizable face in the world of show business.

In fact, his career has really come on leaps and bounds in the last few years. After Hart of Dixie came to an end, he was offered the chance to appear on drama shows such as Code Black and Doubt. Yet, his true claim to fame came in 2018 when he was offered the lead role in the CW’s Black Lightning as Black Lightning himself!

Brandi Burkhardt as Crickett – Then

As the co-leader of the Belles, it’s down to Crickett to ensure that the young women of Bluebell are maintaining the history and the legacy of their town.

Through this role, she soon becomes good friends with Annabeth and Lemon – but she does have a few quirks. She once thought that Lemon had cast a curse on her, and she never ever wears pants! This lady only wears dresses, and that’s just the way she likes it. After a failed marriage, Crickett eventually finds love with Jayseane Charles.

Brandi Burkhardt – Now

For Hart of Dixie fans out here, Brandi Burkhardt will always be Crickett in their eyes. However, that’s not to say that she hasn’t tried to maintain her career since the show came to an end.

Although she has struggled a bit to keep a busy schedule on the books, she has worked on a short by the name of Anti-Social, and she even took on a recurring role in the comedy series, Odd Mom Out. Alongside this, she has also worked on numerous Broadway productions, such as Mamma Mia.

Wilson Bethel as Wade Kinsella – Then

We all know someone like Wade Kinsella. Although on the outside he is the resident bad boy of Bluebell, he soon peels back some of his many layers to prove to those around him that he really does have a heart.

It seems as though we’re not the only ones who know this because Mayor Lavon Hayes eventually offers the bartender a place to live on his plantation. It’s here that he meets Zoe Hart, and these two soon become close. Their will-they-won’t-they relationship later becomes a huge part of the Hart of Dixie storyline.

Wilson Bethel – Now

Wilson Bethel has always been a television actor, and he made his debut on shows such as JAG, The Young and the Restless, NCIS, and plenty more.

His career took a turn for the better when he was cast as Wade Kinsella – and it’s fair to say that this show helped to expand his fan base. Since the show came to an end, Wilson has continued his TV career and appeared on shows such as Harley and the Davidsons, The Astronaut Wives Club, and ‘How to Get Away with Murder.’

Laura Bell Bundy as Shelby Sinclair – Then

Shelby Sinclair came into our lives in season two, and it’s fair to say that she made a lasting impression on us. While many of the townspeople were a little overwhelmed by the blonde bombshell and her shopping habits, it seemed as though Brick Breeland had a soft spot for her.

They eventually started dating in secret, but Brick soon decided to end it when his daughters caught wind of this romance. Although that didn’t stop them completely, and the pair were sneaking around again at the beginning of season four.

Laura Bell Bundy – Now

Although we know Laura Bell Bundy for her role on television, it seems as though she truly rose to fame through her work on Broadway. After taking on leading roles in the productions of Hairspray and Legally Blonde, she soon transitioned into the world of television.

Since her time on Hart of Dixie, Laura has continued this reign on camera and worked on shows such as Fuller House, Scream Queens, Liv and Maddie, and Anger Management. She’s also a signed country music star and has released numerous albums and singles that have been hugely popular.

Reginald VelJohnson as Dash DeWitt – Then

Dash DeWitt is the kind of man that always throws the greatest parties because he loves the finer things in life. With his suave fashion sense and his eclectic personality, everyone knows who he is in Bluebell – and he knows everyone in return.

When he’s not enjoying the quiet life in Bluebell, Dash takes himself to New York to enjoy the theater, and the movies, and then he loves to tell everyone about these experiences. In fact, he even runs a blog on the Bluebell town website.

Reginald VelJohnson – Now

Reginald VelJohnson is such a huge star that it’s often easy to forget that he played Dash DeWitt in Hart of Dixie. After rising to fame on the sitcom, Family Matters, Reginald soon built up a career for himself that included credits in movies such as the ‘Die Hard’ franchise.

Since Hart of Dixie came to an end, Reginald has continued this reign and worked on shows such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Girl Meets World, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. In 2018, he will also star in the comedy movie, Funny Story.

Rachel Bilson as Zoe Hart – Then

We all know her name is Hart, so it’s predestined. As the daughter of a hugely successful heart surgeon, Zoe makes it her mission to follow in her footsteps and become a doctor herself.

After struggling to find her own placement after medical school, Zoe soon discovers that Dr. Harley Wilkes has left half of his Bluebell, Alabama practice in her name. Confused, she takes up her new role and works alongside Dr. Brick Breeland to provide the people of Bluebell with medical care. However, it’s not as easy as it looks…

Rachel Bilson – Now

Rachel Bilson is one of the most recognizable faces in Hollywood thanks to her ‘00s roles in the likes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and The O.C.

These roles shoved her into the limelight and made her one of the most popular young female actresses in the business, and she was soon picked up for modeling world and even fashion endorsements. Since taking on the lead role in Hart of Dixie, Rachel has continued to act and is currently starring as the lead in a brand new crime comedy-drama by the name of Take Two.

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