The Met Gala – Madonna Shuts Down With a Unique Performance

The last few weeks of Madonna’s residency in New York City have been somewhat less than perfect. She was set to perform her most recent album, which was supposed to be the encore to her last album, but the album didn’t even make it to the stores before it was pulled from the shelves. This, of course, prompted a flurry of activity from those diehard fans that made the trip to NYC to see Madonna in concert. They began buying up everything that they could lay their hands on, and soon there were empty shelves all over the city. The tickets for the show were snapped up quickly as well. One fan went so far as to rent a truck to transport Madonna’s remaining shows from the venue to the fan’s home in New Jersey.

Madonna Shutsdown the Met Gala with a Surprise Performance

If you’re planning on going to see Madonna in her upcoming concert in New York, then you’ve probably already been looking forward to this show. Like many other fans, you probably purchased your tickets long before the dates scheduled for the performance actually arrived. And if you’re like most people, you were either waiting for the concert to sell out completely, or at least to go on very low so that you can grab some deals on the remaining tickets. Unfortunately, neither of these options seemed to work out very well. With over a week until the concert, there aren’t any new announcements regarding tickets available, and prices haven’t increased at all.

In fact, tickets to the Madonna show are selling for less than their original prices just days before the performance is set to begin. Why is this? Well, it appears that the mysterious “Madonna Shutsdown” is the culprit.

On Friday, the day before the performance was due to take place, a press release was issued online by the promoter for Madonna’s performance. The release included several images of the mysterious girl in the yellow dress standing next to a white van. The image was used as a focal point in the release, along with a detailed description of the evening’s entertainment line-up. It also included a request for advance tickets and listed the venue as “Tickets available at midnight on Thursday night.”

A week later, nothing. Apparently someone got the idea for posting those images in the first place and posted them over again. Then, on Sunday the exact same day the tickets to the Madonna show were still available. So why hasn’t the show sold out by now? Well, judging by the comments left at the website, it seems most of the followers of the event are upset that they weren’t able to get their tickets and are demanding refunds.

Days later, we finally get to see the real concert. We head up to the front where a giant banner is set up for the concert. On it, we find a picture of Madonna, accompanied by some text. We then get some background on the ‘concert’, and Madonna mentions that the tickets are “only available at midnight on Thursday night”.

Just like the posters, the performance itself is absolutely perfect! We’re treated to a fantastic opening number which kicks off the show just like a dream, and then things really get going when she comes out for the encore. The crowd is absolutely packed, and we’re treated to even more crowd-pleasing performances by Gaga, Rufus and boyfriend-to-be David Furnish. Throughout the evening, the audience is given even more surprises with the surprise appearances of such popsters as Kanye West and Britney Spears!

Although our review of the show was very positive, there are a few things that we would have liked to have noticed. For example, some of the songs did not quite work for us (e.g. My Heart on a Friday afternoon), but we did get a taste of Madonna’s original material which made her performance that bit more memorable. The set list was also lacking something that made it a bit boring, but overall, the performance was a huge success, and well worth the ticket price. If you were wondering whether Madonna would ever perform in front of us again, you’ll be surprised to know that this was just another sign that she’s back at the top of her game.

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