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BLACKPINK is sophisticated chic for Vogue Korea March 2021

Korean Blackpink will debut their second summer collection this fall. Set to be released in fall, the new collection will feature both evening and day wear, with an emphasis on high fashion staple pieces for women. In addition to an updated classic look, this year’s line boasts modern color trends. Here’s a rundown of the style highlights.

Much like its past collections, the current collection from Korean Blackpink features smooth, tailored lines for a tailored look. For example, the double-breasted spaghetti straps are designed to tuck under the bust for a snug fit. The backless bodice and shawl tie also provide a tailored, classic look. The classic lines and tailored structure of these dresses make it appropriate for all ages and body types.

If you are looking for a modern look to add to your wardrobe, look for black pinks that feature bright, modern colors. A mixture of turquoise and burnt orange are among the colors you’ll find in the latest spring and summer collections. Wear the shade with skinny jeans and cropped tees or a skirt and blouse for a trendy, bold look. Turquoise accents can be found throughout the upper part of the dress, while pink highlights are scattered throughout. This look combines the playfulness of a playful teenager with the subtlety of today’s fashion trends.

A slightly sassy look is provided by Korean Blackpink’s autumn/winter collection, which mixes soft pink with burnt orange. Like the spring collection, this collection features a fitted bodice and ribbed corset. A banded collar top and an adjustable closure provide a unique style that is versatile enough to wear as a dress or blouse. You can also opt for a jacket and cardigan, or leave the jacket at home, as this style is quite cool and light. A few discreet pink accents provide a stylish finishing touch.

If you want to go for more of a punk look, try out the black-and-white series from the brand. This one combines black with shocking pink tones for a trendy, edgy look. A metallic sequined collar top and matching matte leather trousers give a neat, modern edge. A chunky buckle belt completes the look, which you can wear with skinny jeans and ankle boots. Black pinks will only enhance the look, so choose your pants carefully.

For something a little more feminine, look for the charming little number from Korean Blackpink. This season, the range features elegant fall tones like brown and amber. A delicate flowery clutch completes the look, while a pretty brooch adds sparkle. The look is made more attractive with a simple belt and jeans. Accessorizing with black pumps or a silk scarf makes this version quite attractive.

This autumn, Korean Blackpink once again delivers its fabulous line of dresses, shoes and accessories. This time, black is once again the dominant color in the fall collection. Simple cashmere sweaters and cashmere scarves add a touch of elegance to the stylish jackets and cardigans. Kimono’s and tassels, as well as belts, shawls and jewelry are some of the great pieces to be seen this autumn.

Fashionistas across the world are sure to pick up these chic garments this autumn. While there may be black in fashion for fall, you’ll never know when it’s going to come into style again. So long, and love black.

This season, the trend appears to be towards subtle tones in addition to vibrant color. Instead of black and pink, the color choice for this season is black with hints of pink. A rich black jacket with colorful beadwork adds a touch of sophistication to this sophisticated look. Kimono’s and laces along with gemstones are some of the accessories that help to complete this look.

Kimono’s with embroidery are a favorite this season. Lace details along with satin bows and ribbon embellishments can really bring out the whole “fall” look. Cashmere scarves and shawls are also quite popular. The only real rule with black for fall is that you should always ensure that you dress your skin tone appropriately. If you have fair skin, you should try to go with a blonder hue while those who have darker skin tones can opt for a richer, intense color.

Black is not the only color choice this fall. You can also see a lot of orange, red and fuchsia. However, the trend this season seems to be towards softer more muted colors. Dark blues and greens are particularly popular. It would also be wise to stay away from black as it tends to clash with most fall ensembles.

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