The Power of Choosing Freedom Over Fear

When you read “The Girl Who Played with Glass” by Janelle Mone, you will discover how playing with glass can help you create the life you desire. Mone shows women how they can use their imaginations and creative juices to achieve the kind of lives they want. Through this engaging story, Mone teaches you to develop the following key skills: You become an artist of sorts because you are allowed to explore your true inner self through your visual means. Creativity is a free act and you are able to take any idea that you desire and transform it into something wonderful. You have the ability to make choices that affect your life.

Janelle Mone and the Power of Choosing Freedom Over Fear

There is something liberating about having the freedom to choose freedom over fear. When you allow yourself the luxury of being in control of your thoughts, you will discover that you are able to make the kind of changes that you desire. The Girl Who Played with Glass by Janelle Mone encourages women to examine their relationships and to determine the true meaning of commitment. By doing so, individuals will be able to live their lives as they desire.

Mone uses a number of personal anecdotes in order to illustrate the message of this charming novel. She relates one story about her mother, who was a strong-willed woman who did not hesitate to speak her mind. Even if it meant that her father, who was also her father, had to walk on eggshells around her. Throughout the years, Mone’s mother managed to raise their children in respect and order. This was a great example of respecting one’s parents before taking their advice into consideration when making life-changing decisions.

Another key lesson is that there is nothing evil or wrong with loving your neighbor as you do your family. In fact, respecting someone comes hand-in-hand with loving one’s self. A book such as The Power of Choosing Freedom Over Fear, allows the reader to explore how freedom can enable a person to empower their life. It also teaches the importance of choosing peace and freedom over fear and control, which allow people to live life as their authentic selves.

A major theme of the book is choice. People are given the chance to choose which path will allow them to build a stronger and smarter life for themselves. Through various examples, Mone shows the reader that while freedom is wonderful, it is not accomplished by following the crowd, or what others think. Instead, people must take responsibility for their decisions and pursue happiness by making the right choices. Individuals who practice this philosophy find that life is a lot more fun.

When it comes to choosing freedom over fear, the writer displays the ability to think creatively and persuasively. While it is not always easy to overcome anxiety, those who do find freedom through it come away with a renewed sense of confidence. Those who have made the choice to live their lives this way benefit from it in so many ways. One such example is in the workplace, where a person who chooses this method of living can often find themselves promoted quickly and receiving pay raises that were never available to those who stuck to the old school.

This is yet another excellent work by Janelle Mone. This self-development guide is one that allows readers to make a better informed decision about freedom and what it means for one’s life. It is a valuable gift for people who are looking to improve themselves and the world around them.

It also comes as a free downloadable e-book. This gives all of those who purchase the book the opportunity to get a free copy of the book in order to give them an extra boost when it comes to empowering their own lives. This is a great idea because many people who are looking for personal growth will often purchase these books without even realizing it. It allows people to get help when they need it and to have a little extra motivation when times are hard. Those who use the techniques that are taught in this book not only find empowerment in terms of empowering their own lives, but also in finding freedom over fear.

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