The Social Network Movie Review

Khloe Kardashian has always been a favorite celebrity of the media. She is an actress and model, known for her flawless skin and her bold hairstyles. She has been in the limelight for quite some time now, thanks to her modeling stints on different shows including “Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County”. She later became a full-fledged actress with the movie release of “icles”. There have been many rumors regarding her marriage in the past. But, all these talks are just a part of the life of a celebrity, and Khloe is enjoying every moment of it.

So, what does a celebrity do during his or her free time? For Khloe, she enjoys being a mom, wife and daughter-maker. She also enjoys reading books, writing them down and giving them to others. She is a passionate reader, and she particularly loves biographies. In fact, she even has a copy of the book about former First Lady Hillary Clinton!

The life and times of a celebrity are full of glamor and glamour. And as such, there are various entertainment options available for them. As a famous celebrity, Khloe might have been requested to host parties and events. She loves being a part of these parties, hosting them and being a part of the entertainment.

So, what does a celebrity do when they are not able to host or appear at functions? Well, in the case of Khloe, she has a personal assistant that does all her things for her. She calls her assistant Sandy. Yes, in reality, Khloe has a secretary, Sandy. This is how celebrity wives and celebrity girlfriends choose to work while they are busy being celebrities!

When one talks about Khloe, one cannot leave out talking about her popsugars. Popsugar is a small dog, approximately the size of an Australian roundworm. However, it looks like a very big rodent! It is actually blonde in color and is known as a vermin because of its appetite for flesh and blood.

Popsugar is so cute and adorable that even the guards of the Hollywood Walk of Fame mistake it for a starlet! Popsugar would not wear a shirt in public without covering the belly with a sheet. The truth about Popsugar is that it loves to drink blood and kill animals. That’s why it earned the name ‘vesper’.

Sometimes Khloe has to stay late after rehearsals or on the movie sets. Popsugar loves to watch all her favorite movies and television shows. And when it’s time for lunch, there’s no better place for Popsugar to get his fill than in Khloe’s kitchen. There’s also a saying in the movie but that says a real woman’s kitchen is the place where the true work of the soul can be found. Well, Popsugar definitely fits into that category!

The movie has received mixed reviews from movie lovers and critics. Some say that it’s too plot-driven and lacks life. However, I think that the director missed the mark on some scenes. I especially liked the scene where Popsugar pokes fun at President Obama. It made me laugh out loud.

I especially loved the scene when Popsugar gets caught cheating on his wife Natalia. That was one scene that made me angry! Yes, that scene was cut. But, the truth is that Popsugar is such a great character that it was kind of funny to see him go to such lengths for revenge. In the book, Natalia has always been the victim. Therefore, I guess it’s really no surprise that we finally have the movie that makes Popsugar the bestest guy in the movie!

Khloe and Pops are also inseparable. Their chemistry simply works. Watching Khloe and Pops bounce off the screen, making witty comments and having loads of fun, was my favorite part of the movie. They’re just so happy together; you could almost imagine them having been married.

The movie didn’t have many laughs, but it was fun for the most part. There were a few times when I felt it was trying to be too serious. But, in general, it was a very entertaining movie. People might not think it’s going to get the best reviews, but I can assure you that it will. Kids and parents will both love it. As for me, I think it was a pretty good movie.

In conclusion, I’m a big fan of Khloe Kardashian. She’s beautiful and smart and seems to be the real life person. The rest of the cast and crew did a terrific job casting. So, I am very happy that everyone loves this movie. I’m definitely looking forward to the next one!

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