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Shooter! is based on the novel of the same name. In fact the storyline drifts briefly between two parts with the main story taking place in Pakistan, while some of the back story is told in India. Both the storylines are exciting, though the one in India has more of an edge due to the multi-cultural and multi-ethnic population that constitutes India.

In Shooter!, the young hero is called Jayy Randhawa. He is in a rural village called Dharamsala, which is located in Rajasthan. When his family becomes ill, Jay is forced to leave home to fetch his father, who is a renowned physician. Here, he meets Leela, a Christian girl whom he falls in love with whom he shares his dream of someday being a doctor.

The romantic interlude is brief, but it’s enough to build the hero’s confidence. But as time passes, we come to know more about Jayy and Leela. We learn that both are deeply religious, with Jayy’s being more of a quiet type. Leela, however, is more vocal about her faith and her desire to go to college. So does she ever find the man of her dreams?

The movie is a fast paced film with constant explosions and car chases. It’s also filled with shootouts between the terrorists and the authorities. There’s also a number of twists and turns involving Jayy, Leela, and others. Some of them seem almost convenient at first, but then you realize that the main events are taking place off-screen at most times. In other words, you never actually see what happens.

The movie isn’t very educational. Though it touches on many issues such as racism, immigration, and patriotism, it doesn’t go into detail enough to convey its message. That’s not to say that the movie isn’t entertaining. It’s a thrilling ride, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The villain of the story is played by Djimon Hansu as an Australian named Midnight. He’s an alcoholic with a criminal past, and his relationship with Leela is complex. He was one of the better villains I saw in the movie because he still has some of the characteristics of an anti-hero, yet he manages to make the movie believable. As an anti-hero he still manages to get some laughs, but only in the context of the situation.

Speaking of the situation, it’s gripping to watch Leela struggling with the terrorists. She needs to find a way to kill them without anyone getting hurt, while keeping her friends safe. The supporting characters are great too. They add some humor and keep the movie from becoming completely serious. The final fight scene was particularly intense, featuring the bulk of the action taking place on a beach. I especially liked how the antagonists had taken over a ship that was docked at the airport.

Overall this movie is entertaining for both adults and children. It has a lot of good one-liners and kept me laughing throughout. The story is smart, original, and exciting. Plus there are a lot of great fight scenes. The shooter opens up immediately, so I recommend checking it out if you have the opportunity to watch a movie about a gun-slinging heroine.

Charlize Theron is another star in the new movie “Kill Bill”. She plays the head of a special forces team called the Wasters. Her clothing is distinctive, as she wears a white shirt that covers her breasts, and leggings under a navy blue top. Her hair has been shaped into a short braid, and her sunglasses are black. Her martial arts skills are formidable, as she easily dodges bullets or throws knives.

The heroine herself is played by Katjegee Miller, who is described as having Asian roots. The characterizations are well done, as Katjegee is convincing and relatable. She has a strong love of her family and wants nothing more than for them to be safe. In the end, she sacrifices herself to save her family, and the viewer sees the benefits of being a sensitive woman.

This movie isn’t for the squeamish. It contains strong fighting sequences, and some graphic depictions of blood. However, it’s worth seeing just because of the excellent lead performances. The director keeps the action moving and doesn’t resort to slow pacing to keep the audience from feeling tired. Even those with a squeamish attitude will have to give this movie a try, as it provides entertainment that few other movies can. Don’t miss out on your chance to root for an interesting hero.

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