Three Delicious Chipotle Cream Sandwiches

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It’s no surprise that the avocado has now become the top food item in the United States. The avocado is a versatile food that can be combined with many different foods and recipes. There is something for every taste bud out there. Avocado is so versatile that it is often used to replace cheese in many different recipes. Here are just a few reasons why more foodies are enjoying this food replacement.

One of the best things about Avocados is that they are very versatile. You can eat avocado chips or pure avocado cream in place of cream in tacos, dips, salads, and many other different dishes. In fact, you can use avocados in a number of different ways. These include: As a substitute for cream in burritos, puddings, cookies, and omelets. You can even use avocado in a grilled panini sandwich! It doesn’t get much easier than that!

If you are like most people, the mere mention of an avocado brings to mind a traditional avocado. However, avocados come in a wide variety of colors, sizes, and consistency. For example, Watermelon Avocados is very firm, almost stick-size, and has a very thin, watery center. These are perfect for making quiche, wraps, salads, and any other cream-based dip.

Lemon Avocados is large, firm, and creamy. They are firm enough to be used in stews and chili, but soft enough to use in place of cream in dips and sandwiches. Since lemons are somewhat dark colored, this makes a great addition to any salad or even as a side ingredient for vegetable crepes.

Orange Avocados is similar to Watermelon Avocados in size and firmness, but is lighter and less watery. This makes them great for making chipotle crepes and toasting tortillas. If you want to create a thick soup like a tomato soup, use the orange variety. The chips inside orange avocados stay intact, making it easy to garnish with toothpicks. Leave the peel on the orange variety if you want to use it for tacos and burritos.

Maca Avocados is small, firm, and reddish-orange. Like Watermelon Avocados, they are perfect for making dips and toasting tortillas. Maca is native of South America and grows mainly in the mountains. It is high in potassium and magnesium. Like avocado, each retains its shape when cooked. Soaking the maca in water allows the nutrients to be locked in.

Pumpkin Seed Coconut Cream is made from the seeds of the pumpkin seeds. It is highly concentrated, so only adding a pinch of it to your usual taco or wraps will give you a rich, creamy, pumpkin seed flavor. The coconut flavor pairs well with the rich pumpkin spice. The more you eat, the more your cream will be dispersed throughout your body.

Using avocado in Mexican and Central American dishes is a trend that’s growing faster than the average avocado eater. It’s one of the easiest ingredients to use in stews, soups, dips, and dressings. Avocados are versatile, nutty, and creamy. Make using this rich, creamy, and tasty fruit an integral part of your next taco or burrito-stuffed foods.

If you love creamy dips, you can’t go wrong with creamy avocado crepes. To prepare this Thai-style dessert, soak the avocado in milk for 30 minutes before preparing it with cream and sauce. You can also drizzle a little light cream cheese over top. Serve with wheat tortillas for a healthy, Thai-inspired treat. This easy dip can be doubled and used as a dessert after the tortillas are served.

Avocado can also be used as an ingredient in delicious Caribbean-inspired dishes. When preparing the classic Caribbean-style jerk chicken recipe using flour, water, oil, salt and pepper, place sliced avocado on the flour. Cover the avocado and let it cook for about two minutes until the avocado is softened. Then, carefully peel off the skin. Remove the remaining seed from the avocado and add to the prepared mixture for a tasty, cheesy dip.

Another great way to warm up a cold day is to make a delicious Protein cookies. To make these cookies, simply use non-stick angel food or cookie sticks. Warm up the sticks in egg and milk then place them onto a cookie sheet. Do not forget to place the cookie in the microwave for quick warm up.

The final item on this list is a must try: warm up a bowl of soup with some fresh guacamole. To make this traditional Mexican dish, steam vegetables along with chili powder, cumin and black beans until the vegetables are soft. Sauted tomatoes should be added last to give the soup added flavor and some color. Once the soup is warm enough, remove the vegetables and serve with the avocado wedged inside for a satisfying meal that everyone will rave about.

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