We Know What Your Crazy Celebrity Baby Names Is

We Know What Your Crazy Celebrity Baby Name Would Be

We all have had celebrity babies names that were bad. Some of those names stuck with us for years and cause us a lot of grief. We wonder how any parent could possibly send their child to that school or that day care. Sometimes we wish we could change the name and take our minds off the situation.

Some parents are just so happy with the little bundle of joy they named that they think they can change the name at anytime. But, just because a name is cute and sweet, it doesn’t mean it is appropriate for your precious baby. You must consider all of the special circumstances surrounding your upcoming child and come up with something that will make your little boy or girl feel unique. If you already have a name in mind, that’s great. But, you also need to think about names that are more unique and maybe, a name you never thought of.

Let’s face it, celebrity babies are everywhere. Almost every baby name comes from a reality TV show, a movie, or a person. So, when you start thinking about names for your new bundle of joy, don’t just go with a popular name that has been used before. Try to pick a unique name that isn’t too common and make your baby seem even more special. Here are some ideas of unusual celebrity baby names, you may want to consider for your child.

Michael Jackson – Everyone has heard about this crazy pop star, and many think he or she would be an awesome name for a baby. Besides his music, his name is a perfect fit for your baby’s identity as well. He is a name that will stick around for a long time and be a part of their life forever. Your newborn baby will have many of his or her memories made with the music he or she listened to as a child.

Kanye West – If you love hip-hop, then you will love this cool baby name for your little one. The name means “worthless” in Arabic and has rhymes with “weak”. It sounds perfect for your little guy or gal. Not only will it stand out from the crowd, it will be something they can carry on for a lifetime. You can even get variations on the spelling of the name!

Britney Spears – This name may not ring a bell, but it should. People all over the world have a connection to this celebrity because of the extreme way in which she acts. She is known for having a hard time accepting the fact that she is so famous. Being a huge diva, she is not shy about telling the world how she feels. Having a crazy name may be a great way to keep her feelings inside until she is older and can share them with others.

Eva Longoria – This name has been around for quite some time. She has done many movies with her name and people have always loved the way she looks. Many of her roles in the past have been played by women with this name too. No matter what kind of mom she is, she will love being a famous baby name!

These are just a few of the names that seem to pop up when you do a search for a celebrity baby name. We know what your crazy celebrity baby name is, but before you go out and change it, make sure that it suits you and your family. You may think it’s great when you first get it, but what happens when your child grows up? You will be regretting that choice for a long time to come.

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