What Is Bs Nail Artist Did My Mani For?

Last week my hubby gave me the gift of a Cardi Bs Nail Artist. I had never gotten a manicure before (hell, I hardly even cleaned my nails) and was a bit hesitant about going to a nail salon for a manicure. But my nails were a bit brittle and frail, which they are by nature. So, I figured, why not go to a nail salon for a Cardi Bs Nail Artist.

Cardi Bs Nail Artist Did My Manicure for the Met GalaAnd It Totally Upstaged My Dress

I went to my hubby’s house last weekend for lunch. We had stopped in a nearby nail spa and were just walking when we heard a bunch of laughing and screaming coming from the parking lot. My hubby walked over and asked what was going on. My nails were so brittle and thin that I didn’t know what to do! He told me that he had stopped into a local nail salon just a few days earlier for a weekly manicure and he got to tell the manicurist that my nails were like “peanuts” and he wasn’t happy.

So, my manicurist brought in a plastic file to take a chunk out of one of my thin, brittle nails. After doing this the nails were all smooth and shiny. I thought wow, Cardi Bs Nails Artist did my nails like no professional nail artist has ever done them before. My nails looked like they were made out of pudding, and I couldn’t stop admiring my Mani and the way my nails looked.

The next day I went back to the nail spa and asked them where I could find Cardi Bs Nails Artist. They pointed me in the direction of the man who had told me that my nails were like “peanuts” when he pulled them on. I was very pleased to find out that the Bs Nail Artist that did my mani was named Romulus and he specialized in B’s Manicurist Nails. I told him that I wanted some B’s nails and he told me to come in that afternoon. When I got there I saw that Romulus had a desk right next to the salon and he had a book labeled with B’s Manicurist. I thought to myself, that is the guy that I want to get my nails done by.

I told him that I wanted Bs nails and he started to explain to me about all of the different types of B’s Manicurist that they have. He then showed me how they use a brush to apply the polish on to your nails. Once the polish is applied, the artist uses a comb to shape the nail. I looked at the picture on the book and it looked like the artist was taking the shape of my hand on the computer screen.

After he put my nails on my nails, I told him that I wanted a different look. I took one of the photos of my hands and asked him if he could do what I was looking for. He told me that he could do a European manicure for me. I was surprised because I wasn’t expecting that. I mean, isn’t Europe the place where the best manicurists are at?

That’s when I heard from the friend of a friend who told me about the b’s nails mani. She said that her nails look great and she would be willing to pay for the mani. I was really impressed because it was done by someone who knew what he was doing. I’m now planning on getting Bs nails done by the same guy because I am impressed with his work.

If you are someone who doesn’t know how to take care of your nails or just want something different than your nails are now, start off with B’s nails. You can change your mani to any design you want in a matter of minutes. You can have your nails done every two weeks or you can even have them done daily. As long as you have a routine and stick with it you will have gorgeous nails for a long time.

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