Who Is Alice Cooper?

Cher or Neo Bella Hadid Channels Both 90s Fashion Icons In One Look

Which Hollywood personality do you want to be compared with? Which one do you think is more beautiful – Cher or Neo? If your answer is either Cher or Neo, it’s time to get ready for the 90s fashion classic Battle of the Sexes. I’ve put together this quick description of each star’s look, how they made their fashion statements, and my overall opinion of each.

Cher is the quintessential red-faced fashion icon of the decade. She radiated sex appeal and a sexy presence that made her the decade’s ultimate fashion queen. The look that Cher wore onscreen was simply head-turning. Her clothes were bold and sensual, yet comfortable and low-key. This combination made her the quintessential female fashion star for nearly five decades.

It was the late sixties through the seventies that Cher and her iconic hairstyle took center stage. A party, open face framed by dark hair and dark makeup gave her the look of a vixen, as if she’d just come off the set of some James Bond movie. Open cheeks, sharp cheekbones, and the ever-present eyes gave her the appearance of someone who was ready to take on the world. Though her appearance did age (her face became more wrinkled and her hair went gray), the combination of her wild hairstyle and old-world glamour has made her an icon.

The image of Neo, on the other hand, represents youthfulness. In contrast to Cher’s “sexy older” image, Neo’s hairstyle and clothing were more down-to-earth. His outfit, in contrast to Cher’s glamorous scene look, consisted of a pressed t-shirt and a pair of jeans.

While both girls have strong, distinctive looks, they also have very different facial structures. Cher’s cheekbones are pronounced, her eyes are large, and her nose is long and hooked. Neo, on the other hand, has a round face with small, recessed eyes and an oval jaw line. His jawline is straight, his chin is high, and his nose has a hooked tip. In some pictures, he even has a slightly raised lip.

This difference in facial structure is what gives each girl such distinct personalities. Cher seems childlike; Neo is poised, confident, and ambitious. They’re both passionate about their careers – Cher with her singing and acting career while Neo with his computer work and writing. Their differences – and similarities – between the two faces of Alice Cooper are as obvious as their colloquialisms and their hairstyles.

Of course, the differences don’t stop there. They also cover their physical appearances – both are petite and thin, and they have completely different bodies. The pale, slender Cher has white skin and dark hair – the dark, firm Neo has red skin and dark hair. Their features are so alike that when they smile, they both look happy.

The similarities and differences between the two faces of Alice Cooper are evident when comparing their hairstyles. One has a long, straight hair that falls just around her ears and is pinned back; the other’s hair is ringleted and hangs in a ponytail. Their make-up is similar: the former wears dark eye makeup, while the latter wears bright blush-inducingly. So, which of these faces of Alice Cooper – Cher or Neo – should you base your next love on?

This question might seem absurd. After all, they look so similar and are featured in a number of the same films, magazines, TV shows, advertisements and other media. But the similarities stop there. For example, the two faces’ outfits are almost identical. Even their hairstyles, which are drastically different, at least give them some similar traits.

Now, that doesn’t mean that they will look alike onscreen. In fact, the two faces of Alice Cooper are quite distinct from one another. Neo has big, bushy eyebrows that give him the appearance of an older, somewhat confused vagabond. He wears all black – except for the red “C”, he wears in the “anuts” series. His eyes are blue, as are his pupils, and his hair is always a rich brown. His attire is casual as well and does not resemble that of a professional wrestling star, or a martial arts expert.

When compared side by side, the two faces of Alice Cooper look remarkably similar and yet very different. But in reality, neither of them is any more or less real than the other. The two actors involved, Roger Craig Smith and Lisa Coleman, do not have to spend much time acting together, nor do they have to play the same characters. Both are given lines and scenes to work with, as the film unfolds. With a full slate of films to choose from, as well as multiple Academy Award nominations, it appears that this will be a popular choice among critics and movie lovers.

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