Why Celebrities Always Look Better In Clothes

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From time to time, we have seen celebrity photos taken by paparazzi that made us sit up and take note of the amazing body building or muscle building looks that the body builders or star studs have. It’s always made us wonder why they never look the same in their photos that we see in front of us. Well, now we know the reason. It’s because they wear thread!

So, what is a thread? It’s a fabric made from finely spun polyester with a layer of thread at the center, which holds the fibers together. The thread makes it possible for the star to move his body without any uneasiness about his clothes coming untied or being pulled down. Celebrities who wear thread explain why celebrities always look better in clothes – FAIL Blog. Read on and get all the details on how celebrities use thread to sculpt their bodies and keep them looking great.

* Angelina Jolie revealed that she wears thread to help her maintain her younger look. She said that she feels better about herself when she looks like a movie star instead of an actress. The starlet revealed that she actually wears thread under her clothes during shooting. This way, the star is able to remove the need to put on weight to look like a star.

* Jennifer Aniston revealed that she uses the stretch mark cream Perfect Skin to keep her skin smooth and beautiful. The actress told Access Hollywood hosts Oprah Winfrey and Brad Pitt that the cream helps prevent wrinkles and improves the skin tone around the face. The world surely got an insight on what Perfect Skin is all about when Jennifer Aniston wore it on the TV show. Everyone certainly noticed that the world’s sweetheart looked more radiant and youthful. Everyone also noticed how the stretch mark cream maintains the younger-looking look of the celebrity.

* Sources close to Zendaya have revealed that the actress always looks younger than her years because she regularly gets facelifts. Apparently, the process makes her look ten years younger than she really is. According to sources, the process works well because the collagen level in her skin is higher. With a good level of collagen, the skin around the celebrity’s eyes glows with radiance.

* Sources close to Angelina Jolie claim that the star uses concealer to cover up those ugly scars on her legs. Many stars are hesitant to undergo medical procedures for their imperfections. They feel that using makeup will make them look worse than before. On the contrary, Angelina Jolie is very confident about her looks even without using makeup. To make up work, she does her own manicure and pedicure session.

* The world famous swimmer and actress Lindsay Lohan has naturally long hair. However, when it comes to washing it, she prefers a small, hand held dryer over a large washer. Apparently, she finds it easier to dry off the hair she uses to keep her beautiful skin young. When her hair is so long, the wind blows too hard against her face causing a chandelier effect on her otherwise smooth hair.

There you have it! Thread explains why celebrities always look better in clothes. It is time that you followed its advice and start looking your best! Good luck!

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