Writing Letters to My Christian Mother

Letters to my Christian Mother Week 14  Celebrity Quotes

Dear Father in Heaven, I am so happy you wrote my Letters to my Christian Mother. I was so overwhelmed with joy when she read them. She told me she felt like she was reading her favorite books from childhood, and she just felt happy. She knew I had grown up as a child and that the letters had made some real changes in her.

She said she was always thinking about the letters. I don’t remember all of them but some of them stick out. One had to do with how she was feeling about my marriage and I ended up realizing how much she loved me again for taking her out of the dark. That certainly made me feel wonderful.

Another one was about how I had hurt her so bad when we had a falling out and she said she never forgave me. She told me it was like I had slapped her across the face. Wow! I really needed to hear that. She had let me know how I hurt her so bad.

Then, on week fourteen my birthday I got a surprise. My mom had bought a poem for my birthday but she hadn’t put it in the special book that usually comes along with the birthstone. So as an extra treat I opened this special book and read it. It was amazing to see how much love my mother had for me and how she enjoyed reading it.

She had written this lovely poem for me in answer to my birthday greeting card that said: “Have a blessed day. Your Christian kid is the best in the world.” That’s exactly what she said in her letter to me on that day.

This letter was heart warming to hear and even more heartening to receive. The words were so full of love and appreciation. I could feel how much my mother loved me and wanted me to grow into such a wonderful Christian. The words were so simple, yet they made such a big impact on me and the rest of my family.

So, let’s review those letters. The very first one was a simple yet beautiful message of thanks that she had made for me on my birthday. Then she had let me know how much she loved me and how she was so happy that I was a Christian. She had expressed that to me on my first Christmas. And then lastly in the letter she had written that she hoped that I would continue to be a wonderful Christian and an example to others.

Those letters had a huge impact on me. They helped me to realize that she was not only thinking of me, but also of her son and her family. She had made a decision that she wanted us to have a great Christian family and she was going to make sure that this was definitely going to happen this year too. So this year fourteen will be the year wherein I will finally be receiving that precious gift from my Christian mother.

One of the biggest events in a believer’s life is the celebration of the Good Friday and Christmas holiday. For my Christian family it is considered the start of the Advent season. This is the time of celebration when we are thankful for having received the gift of salvation from our Creator. It is the perfect time to begin the journey back into the light of our heavenly Father. And believe me this is not only my celebration, but the celebration of the entire Christian family.

During the holiday season you have different kinds of letters that you can send to your Christian mother. I know some of the letters are more humorous than anything else, while others have more serious messages. But no matter what kind of letter you want to write, it’s definitely worth it. Here are a few of my favorite Christmas letters that my mom sent to me:

First of all, the very first letter I ever wrote to my Christian mother was a very memorable one. It was a letter that I was very tearful about but I knew it was the right thing to do at that moment in time. I was about to get out of high school and go on a trip with my boyfriend. We were planning on celebrating my tenth year of being a Christian but somehow the plans fell through and I had to move back home. What I wanted to do was just to say that I was sorry and that I enjoyed being a Christian but unfortunately my dad wasn’t and didn’t support my decision at all.

That was my first experience with her writing letters to Christian mothers. She told me that she loved me and that she didn’t mind that I was changing my name or religion. I was so glad that she trusted me and I was able to change her heart too. It was a very big honor for me to be able to do that. I am so very proud of my mom and all the letters that she has written to Christian mothers during the years that she shared with me.

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